lose LP because a teammate went AFK is fair?

I was thinking here, and losing LP because someone went AFK is not fair. If a teammate goes AFK, you instantly get 90% chance to lose, because it´s too hard to win a 4v5 game even if you´re ahead. Why don´t Riot do a system that avoids LP losing when a team has one or more members AFK? It would be so much better. Imagine that one member of your team goes AFK, with the current ranked system you will lose the same LP if you lose the match, even if one, two,three or four teammates go AFK, with the new system that I propose you wouldn´t lose any LP because one or more members of your team went AFK for at least 5 minutes. So, after 5 minutes that someone went AFK, you can surrender without losing time and LP. I know that the Remake system is already there, but it only works if someone goes AFK in the beginning of a match, the system that I´m proposing is for players who go AFK later in the match.
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