i got a great idea for practise Tool

please give us the option to save Practise Games so we can either play the same match over and over again and please also allow us to play each others saved Practise Games ( for example if i want to help a Top main learn CSing as ADC i play a Game where i end up with over 300 CS and give him access to that Game now he can either watch me cs , OR play as me ( where he sees an indicator where you walked , attacked etc ( he can turn it off , just play your Champ and try to get the same results while all Bots will keepo doing the same ( like how rag dolls in Source game recordings always act differently while everything else stays the same (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6z4uuAozgHg) ) if all CPUs ( Minions , Chmps , Camps) act the same ( like Both Botlaners die at 5:12 because you killed them , in the recording they will die no matter if the one controlling the ADC is currently somewhere else ) it would be a great thing , that way you can play a Gold / Plat players Match again and again until you got everything right , the kills , escapes CS , etc ( srsly skill in every game is just Practise and seeing Pro replays and play them yourself would help improving ALOT oh and another idea : Champion Mains could give their Practise Games to others so they see how a Champ CAN be Played , i often see Orianna players who build {{item:3070}} ( and {{item:3003}} ) and just suck with it while i have my own Builds ( sometimes even {{item:3072}} can be good on Ori if you do lots of Autohit dmg through {{item:3091}} or {{item:3115}} ) if you see Mastery 4 - 7 Players play their Champs and be able to also try to be as good in a Game as them you could Master a Champ really fast ( especially for Technical Champs like a Lee ( dives ) , Ori ( Ball positioning and attack Chains ) and maybe you could also give every player 1-100 IP for submitting a atleast 40 Minute Game with a Full build ( note this cant be exploited much since you would really need Mastery 3 - 7 to be able to submit , im only level 5 - 4 with like 6 Champs would be great if you could do something like that ( note im NOT saying it has to be ready on Launch of Practise tool but someday )
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