Please implement a button to block a toxics Tahm Kench's Devour.

Honestly I've got no clue which board would be the right one but I'm just gonna go with this one. I highly would appreciate a button to block interactions from extremly toxic teammates that play for e.g. Tahm Kench or Kalista. Just had a game that wasn't over at all but my Tahm Kench Supporter decided to try to tilt me into eternity by constantly using Devour on me to hinder me from joining teamfights/ hitting minions or even walking back on lane. I wished so much for any possibility to block these attempts but could not see any. In the end we lost a game which would be turnable just because (maybe not just because of that but mainly) Tahm decided it is over and try to trigger me as much as possible so I would agree to his early surrender votes (which my team seemed to see my way cause it mostly was a 3/2 vote for not surrendering). So if there is any kind of hindering a Tahm Kench doing this I would highly appreciate it. Before today I couldn't even think of a Tahm Kench being that toxic but I guess that is just what a wide part of this community has become over the years I'm playing. (There are still plenty of positve examples but the negative ones stick more to the memory than the positive ones).
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