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Ok, before you instantly try to murder me and say Orianna is an absolutely fine champion and doesn't really need a rework; I 100% agree. She's my most-played and, although I'm not playing her all that often anymore, she still holds a special place in my heart.However, I would argue she does have some problems. (A tl;dr below for the lazy people) Among some other smaller problems there's one big one; she's very linear. Sure, she has some cool things like R-flash or positioning the Ball beforehand to try and get the jump on people, but other than that she's not that diverse. When you use your Q on an enemy you're almost guaranteed to also use your W for the extra amount of burst, unless you're saving it because you think you might be getting jumped soon and will need it to escape. All her abilities are very stale and there isn't much mashing it up. Her W always goes hand in hand with her Q or E, which effectively makes it feel like it's just an extra effect of those abilities. Her passive makes very little sense in her kit, and her ult is fine. Along with that problem, I also feel like she's deserving of the visual update. Her story is one about a girl who went to save others, only to fall victim to the Zaun Grey herself. Her body being replaced by mechanical parts, losing her humanity with every part replaced. Eventually only her heart is left, which she gives away to save a last life and severing her robot self from her human self. This is a far stretch from the original story about a girl who loved ballet and the Legends of the League, who wanted to become a Legend herself. She worked hard, but due to an accident while training she died. Her father built a robot that resembeled her, gave it the Ball, and sent it off to fight in the League. The current Orianna we have in League is still from the old story. A story where she's a robot built to represent her human counterpart. However, now she's a robot who once WAS a human. She would hold more humanity that way, and not be as clueless as the current version (quotes like "why are they running" and "so strange, they scream" annoy me because of this, because a robot who was once a human would know what pain is, right?) Not only does the backstory not match up anymore, but I also just feel like her theme of being a ballet dancer in a duet with the ball, the ball fighting off enemies as she dances and commands it, is not being fufilled. It could be so cool, but right now she feels very stiff while a dancer would be very fluid. (This is also one of the same reason as to why Irelia was reworked; she didn't really fufill the dream of someone dancing with the blades.) So, here's my concept. ______________________________ **P: Clockwork Windup** Every time the Ball hits an enemy champion it stores a charge. When it reaches 3 charges the Ball discharges, dealing bonus damage in an aoe. _(could be different but this fits decently well imo)_ **Q: Command: Attack** Orianna commands the Ball to launch forward. The Ball deals damage to all struck enemies. When the Ball reaches its max range, it hovers for a second and then returns to Orianna. When the Ball gets close to Orianna, she can recast the ability to send the Ball out again. On a succesful recast Orianna also gains a bit of movementspeed. (~30%) This can be done up to two times (making the total amount of times the Ball can be shot out 3. Every recast costs reduced mana.) **W: Command: Orbit** Orianna commands the Ball to sweep in an aoe around the Ball's current carrier. If the Ball hits an enemy in the outer range of the aoe they are displaced and damaged. Otherwise they are just slowed (~20%). Orbit can be cast while the Ball is traveling from Command: Attack. If the Ball is further out than the minimum radius of the aoe, the aoe will be changed accordingly and it will take on the distance from the Ball to Orianna as radius. **E: Command: Protect** Orianna commands the Ball to protect her or an ally. Once it arrives at the targetted person, it will grant the player increased defenses (a boost of ~80?) for one second. After the one second, enemies will be rooted for .75 seconds and slightly damaged in an aoe around the targetted person. The targetted player is now the new carrier of the Ball untill they walk out of range or Orianna casts her Q, or her E on a new target. **R: Command: Shockwave** Orianna commands the Ball to unleash a shockwave after a .75 second delay. This shockwave pushes enemies away from the Ball's carrier. This ability can also be cast while the Ball is traveling. * If it's cast while the Ball is on its way out from a Q, the shockwave will take place at the Q's max range, and pull enemies into the center instead of pushing them away. * If the ability is cast while the Ball is on its way back to Orianna from a Q, the shockwave will take place at Orianna's location and push enemies away. * If it's cast while travelling from an E cast, the shockwave will take place on the target's location and push enemies away. (Note that the shockwave will of course not take place before the Ball arrives. It will take place exactly as the Ball arrives if the delay has already expired. If the delay has not yet expired, the remainder of the delay will still play out.) ________________________________ Now, this kit would take away a bit of her burst damage in return for a lot more sustained damage. It would give her extra tools, and (if animations would be handelled properly) give her a more active playstyle and a lot more possibilities. For animations there'd also be a lot of possibilities, but they should weave together well. Like you're presenting a dance when you weave together abilities. The Q redirection and Orbit cast could both be pirrouettes (although they'd of course have to be a bit different since otherwise you'd have two very similar animations which could get confusing). The E would be Ori doing a grand bow, the bow of course happening as the root goes into effect, and the R also some sort of bow or dive. I really wanna see an Ori rework. She's one of my most favourite champions, but she could be so much more awesome. Tell me what you guys think :) ____________________________ **TL;DR: She does have SOME tricks but generally she's linear; her story makes her out to be a totally different person than what she is in the game; she doesn't really fufill the thematic of "ballerina who dances while the Ball does the work" to the fullest; and her visuals are very stiff while a dancer should be more fluid** ___________________________ _And some examples so you guys can visualise what the abilities would look and feel like:_ _Q would kinda be like redirecting an Ahri Q, but its a tiny bit faster and floats at the end a bit longer W would feel a bit similar to Darius Q (range would also be similar, just a tad bigger) E would be a bit like Neeko/Kayle R R would just be the same + the extra push function (which would kinda be like a Zac R cancel but a less powerful CC)_

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