[Champion Concept] Argos & Vectro, the Darkin Twins

Yes, I know that {{champion:141}} was just released, but he inspired me to make this, as the way darkin possession worked hadn't yet been made complete. Argos and Vectro are 2 darkins who possess each other/a singular body, Vectro is a Shield and Argos is a waraxe. **-** **Looks:** Vectro is purple, he has 2 large horns growing out of his head, he has metallic spikes all over his body, his weapon form is purple and black. His left arm is orange. Argos is orange, his weapon form is a molten waraxe. His mouth drips lava. His head has lots of small horns. His right arm is purple. *notes:* the weapon form is connected to the left/right arm, so Vectro has a waraxe combined to his left arm and vice versa. *-* **Twinned Nature-Passive:** The twins can change their positions of power. **Darkin Shield-Passive:** When Argos is the dominant one, Vectro is in shield form. Argos gains 10/20/25/33% of their AD as armor and magic resist, based on ult level. **Darkin Axe-Passive:** When Vectro is the dominant one, Argos is in axe form. Vectro gains 10/20/25/33% of their armor/mr as AD (the higher one is converted) You can individually level up abilities on each form. No need to change form to level up (gives 2 + buttons on level up) **Axe form abilities:** **Molten Cleaver-Q:** Next 3/4/4/5/5 basic attacks cleave and apply an igniting effect. **Cleave dmg:** 20/25/30/50/75% **Ignite damage:** 90/120/150/180/210 over 5 seconds. (Cleave does NOT apply ignite) **Infernal Charge-W:** Taunts himself onto an enemy unit, gaining movement speed, silencing himself and that unit, neither one can be cc'd during the duration, enemy unit does not get taunted. Does not count as CC. **Duration:** 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds **Movement Speed:** 20/33/40/50/75% (This cannot be cancelled after casting **Cut them down!-E:** *passive* Every time they get hit by a basic attack (counts creeps) they gain a stack, after 6/6/5/4/3 stacks spins around dealing damage. **The Twins-R:** Changes forms, upgrades passive. 5/4/3/2s CD **Shield Form Abilties:** **Dark Charge-Q:** Charges forward, pushing units aside. **Damage:** 10/15/30/35/40 (+50% Bonus AD) **Cooldown:** 18/16/14/12/10 seconds **Range:** 8/10/11/13/14 teemos **Twisted Energy-W:** Absorbs damage taken, next basic attack does 33/50/65/75/90% of it as true damage. (Applies on-hits but not your normal attack damage) **Cooldown:** 22/21/19/18/16 seconds **Don't let them pass!-E:** Every basic attack taken grants a stack, at 6/5/5/4/3 stacks the next 1/1/2/2/3 projectiles that hits them gets blocked. **The Twins-R:** Changes forms, upgrades passive. 5/4/3/2s CD **-** So please tell me what you think, I do know there are certain problems, but I still wish to get feedback.
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