A concept about rewarding well-deserved and veteran players.

HI. First of all. i am 97% sure rito will not bother reading this. and if they read it. i am 98% sure that rito will not care about it. . if rito did care about this idea, i am 99% sure that tencent will not allow riot to accomplish something. i just was idle so i got this idea at once. so decided to put it here. We all are grateful for 10 anniversary. but something is missing. there are veteran players. there are players who has not banned even once. How we can we thank those players? they are dedicated after all. I have an idea to how we can do so : after you get your season rewards (only 2019) such as ranked skin, honor ward/emote, if your honor level is level 3 or above, you'll get a capsule called {Sportsmanlike Capsule}, ( if you have gotten a ban in 2019 then you are not eligible, even if your honor is level 3 ) Sportsmanlike capsule contains the followings : * an icon that has a crystal based on your honor level. * a sportsmanlike mark that activates automatically on 3 of the most mastery point champions. if you play one of them, in the loading screen you'll see a mark on the champion based on your honor level * special border for support mains ( i am not, but i like them <3 ), if any of your three most mastery point champions is a support role champion, you'll get a special exclusive shiny border for them ( alistar, blitzcrank and etc included ) for example if master yi, darius and janna is the most mastery point champions in you champion collection, you'll get the border for janna only. * one Sportsmanlike orb equal to years that player has not received any {ban}. Note : 1. You'll get one orb for how long you were clean. for example you are a veteran player that plays this game since 10 years. if you got banned only once in your account, and that ban was 4 years ago, you'll get four orbs. it doesn't matter that you haven't banned before that. or you just banned once. 2. You must play at least a matchmade game in each year. so if you created an account 10 years ago, and then you got bored of lol and you decided to delete lol. and then three years ago , after xayah got released and you have watched her trailer and you tempted to come back and play lol again.... then you'll get only four orbs. 3. bans such as chat restriction included. and afk penalties doesn't count. 4. maximum orb you can get is 10, if you weren't banned and you played this game since 10 years. and minimum is 1 if you played this game since 1 year or you have gotten a ban 2 years ago. each Sportsmanlike orb contains : whatever rito does like. also i have some idea as well : ( not exactly all of them, only the first one is important ) * sportsmanlike Border ticket, an exclusive border that can be used on one single champion of the players choice. ( you must use all of the tickets within 3 months. else they will expire, if you use them on a champion, each skin on that champion will utilize that border, and you can use border without skin as well ) NOTE : if you bought a skin border in an event ( such as high noon ashe border bundle ) then you decide to use this border ticket on that champion. when you play with that skin, in loading screen that skin will use the event border, but border ticket will make it more shiny with some effects in the edge of it that is completely obvious without making the splash art crowd. ( also this affects to the support mains exclusive border that i mentioned before ) * One ultimate token that can be used to upgrade a champion to mastery level 6 or 7 without using champion shard or blue essence. * 6300 BE * 1000 Orange essence * One mystery emote * One mystery icon * mystery skin shard . ( 50% chance to be a legacy skin shard, ) * Ward skin shard * 10% chance to get a gemstone * 10% chance to get 10 prestige points as i mentioned it's rito's please to make the prizes. a player can get up to 10 of the above stuff. for example a 10 year clean player should get 10000 Orange essence while a 1 year clean will get 1000. or a 8 year clean player should get 8 sportsmanlike border ticket and that player can make 8 champions loading screen shiny. whilst a 1 year player can do so on only one champion. it is really good idea for those worthy veteran players. and for those who are nicely deserved. ( also there is actually something for dear support main as well ) #so if you think that it is a nice idea, then please upvote this discussion to make it seen by many people. and or if you think it's not a good plan , then put the downvote. but please don't consider it that you got banned and you'll get nothing ( or less than others ) as reward. it's an inevitable way to thank those who didn't engage with toxicity. those who didn't answer you when you insult them. those who supported your adc to get penta kill and everyone admired adc and no one cared about support. ( fun fact,, adc : report lulu, i am sure she was trying to steal my penta :P ) and most importantly, it's for those who made this game , those who played this game for years. also if you want to say that i want these for myself i have to mention that i am a 2 year player. sure i didn't get banned, but all i am going to get is for 2 years, for example i can only shine a border for only jhin and brand, while our dear deserved ones will get to be rewarded way more than me.( or not then am sorry ) i am just trying to make sportsmanlike people get rewarded/cared. ( i am not a sportsmanlike, because sometimes i think that i would get some bans while i didn't. it's the IFS favor that didn't detect some noble words :P, but since 6 month i am really positive and i don't flame ) ( another thing is that don't look at my level to say you are not a 2 year player. you just have to know that i am a nerd that does like lol ) hope for the rioter to care about this idea or other ways to thank gentle people. have a nice day {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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