Idea for New champion - Y the unnamed

LORE~ Y was a bladesmaster, a wanderer that once lived in the Blessed Isles. After the Blessed Isles became the Shadow Isles and Y was killed by the mist, he rose again undead and stronger than ever. His lack of purpose before his death remained and thus, unable to satisfy his boredom he became mad and started killing anything that stood in his way. He would possess living being and mess with travelers and other atrocities of the Shadow Isles. Rumos speculate that there was a fierce battle between him and Aatrox in Freljord, but since Y was losing, he ran away merging with a man that was with some raiders that just so happened to be closeby fighting some villagers. Aatrox never found him after that. ABILITIES~ ~(Y has his ultimate unlocked only after _upgrading_ a skill for the first time. His ultimate cannot be upgraded or leveled up. His Q is something like Yasuo's "Steel Tempest" + Taliyah's "Seismic shove" In his 3rd Q upgrade, the bleed effect damage gets into account the push of Y. This means that the opponents hit by Q are damaged by the bleed effect the moment that they get pushed for the distance of the push. Y can take control over a big monster like Baron, Dragon, Rift Herald, Blue, Red, Gromp or the Big wolf and Big Bird, however he can't move them arround or attack with them. He can take control of the mini bird or mini wolf and travel with them, or attack the camp with them. Damaging the controled minion or monster does not affect Y's health bar.)~ "I'm getting stronger"~ Passive- After killing a minion or monster Y gains a stack. At 5 stacks Y can upgrade one of his 3 skills (Q,W,E). Each skill can be upgraded once every X minutes. ~~(Maybe 5?)~~ "Death awaits you"~ Q- Y Strikes his enemies with his sword, damaging them and pushing them sideways(to a chosen direction). _If the enemies collide with terrain or turret they get ministunned._ Upgraded Q – a bleed effect is added that decays over time but the damage is equal to the _distance traveled_ by the hit opponents. Upgraded Q2 - the bleed effect does not decay Upgraded Q3 – Y pushes his enemies _even further_, stunning them even if they did not collide with terrain. "I am protected"~ W- For each minion, monster or champion that he kills, Y gains a small shield that decays over time. Upgraded W- the skill becomes an activation skill. Activating it gives Y a shield. Upgraded W2 – activating the shield also heals all friendly minions and champions nearby. Upgraded W3 – if the shield is broken before it goes on cooldown, Y gains 100% tenacity. "Out of my way"~ E – Y dashes forward dealing damage to the area on which he steps on. If he collides with terrain he jumps over it but the damage does not apply. Upgraded E – if he collides with terrain during the dash, then the damage is applied before and after the jump. Upgraded E2 – the area of damage after the jump becomes wider and opponents hit are slowed. Upgraded E3- if an enemy champion is hit with this skill after the jump, Y can dash once more (without the E2,E3 upgrades this time). Killing an enemy champion with this skill resets the cooldown. "Control"~ R – Y becomes one with a minion, monster or champion, taking control over it/him. The controlled champion gains movement speed, while minions or monsters are not affected. Damaging the champion that Y has control over also damages Y but reduces the damage to both champions by half. In order for this skill to be active, Y must not take damage for X seconds. PLAYSTYLE~ Y can be played top/mid lane but his main focus should be the jungle. His ganking potential is amazing as he has a gap closer and a Q that stuns multiple targets. He can also Heal his teamates as long as his W is upgraded. He can be played either as a tank or ad. I can imagine him as a fighter that can initiate a fight and stay alive for a good period of time, being able to escape if needed. IMAGE~ I can't really draw but if I have to describe him as I imagine him, it would go like this: A man in his early 30's. His face intact yet pale white, while his body withered/dacaying. Black eyes. His armour looks like a samurai's, but it's dark and broken in places. His sword looks like a katana and has a dark red colour, so he keeps it in his sheath when it's not needed. His left arm, fully visible and redish too, probably a little burnt. On his back he has a samurai straw hat, hanging there around his neck, making his black, combed hair visible. He put's his hat when it's safe around and it's time to recall to base. WELL. This is it. Thanks for reading this, if you did. Write in the comments below your opinions on this champion and what you would like to change. Again, this is simply an idea from a LoL fan. I do not work for Riot and this champion will probably never be released. But I am simply here to give ideas anyway. Again, thanks for your attention and sorry for the long post. Have fun on the Summoner's Rift! P.S. I _named_ him "Y the unnamed" because I had no idea what to call him. It's just to give ideas and inspire people anyway so it doesn't really matter.

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