[ Champion concept ] Abthoth,The Abomination

Lore: Long ago in the far reaches of the cosmos Aurelion Sol was exploring the far reaches of creation in the darkest deepest pit he created a sun revealing something he had never seen before a huge creature it was a giant blue mass of tentacles eyes and sludge from which small twisted beings were born and then devoured by the giant creature only a few of those little beings were either left alive or escaped the monster only to wonder aimlessly once the great dragon tried to talk to it the living mass did not awenser instead it took a humanoid form and tried to consume Aurelion sol the great dragon blasted the creature with all his might to no effect fearing what this creature would do to the cosmos he trapped its in a giant cluster of sun's and sealed it away as Aureilon sol left to resume his exploration he heard a great many voices in his head endlessly repeating the same name... Abthoth. appearance: hulking humanoid shaped mass of blue flesh covered in sludge and tentacles coming out of his back no face but a cluster of bloodshot eyes spells: Passive: Twisted Spawn Every 5 seconds Abthoth spawns a twisted spawn being that has the same stat line as lane minions but they dont attack or move away from Abthoth following him in a circle around him blocking skill shot and auto attacks only 8 can be up at the same time once he has 8 they stop spawning if one is killed or consumed the 5 second timer restarts spawning a new creature . Q:Twisted advance cooldown 9/8/7/6/5 mana cost 40 all ranks straight line skill shot range 1000 abthoth's back tentacles spike forward in front off dealing 100/150/200/250/300 physical + 10% Max Hp damage to anything it they touch marking enemy champions making all available spawns attack the target until either killed consumed or target dies. another target can be assigned by using the spell on another champion W:Mass Absorption cooldown 20 seconds at all ranks no mana cost channeled ability takes 2 seconds can move while channeling and can be interupted abthoth tentacles reaches out to his spawn dragging them towards him and Consuming them regaining 5% missing hp and mana for each spawn consumed for a total of 40% Missing hp and mana . E:Spawn shield toggle ability 60 second cooldown mana cost 80 per second passive: Twisted spawns gain 5/10/15/20/25 % of Abthoth max Hp toggle on: all available spawn come back to Abthoth turning into a shield that block 75% of all damage and slowing him for 60% R:Endless spawn cooldown 120 after duration end at all ranks mana cost 300 all ranks Abthoth unleashes his true power making the Twisted spawn cap 10/15/20 and reduces the spawn timer to 2 seconds for 60 seconds making the spawn aggressive to any enemy unit Abthoth has vision of once the duration end all spawn die . the idea behind this champion is a really durable tank that uses minions to fight for him and suing them as food/living shields to survive fights a bit like a more mignion focused yorick / malzahar since yorick it more about swarming him enemy's and beating them to a pulp malzahar is more about chipping away and they ulting his target to death here i was thinking more of a immobile tank that slowly move to him target tanking little damage and unleashing an endless swarm during teamfights. anyopignion is good just dont be salty if numbers are broken or if you dont like the idea xD {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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