Champion Concept: Alwyn, The Chemtech Prospector

Again bored and making kits for fun. Might be broke as hell. League doesnt have a miner champion so could fill a niche theme to make them unique. Intended to be a top lane bruiser while also bringing some good engage during teamfights with his ultimate. * **Passive: Prospector** Using basic attacks gives Alwyn a stack of Prospectors Fortune. At 12 stacks, an *ore vein* will spawn in the vicinity of Alwyn, lasting for 30 seconds. Basic attacking an ore vein will destroy it while granting Alwyn 40-100 gold depending on level. Gold value is static and is not affected by the ore type. Ore veins can be destroyed by 3 enemy basic attacks. Blast Mining with Dynamite removes the gold value but instead creates an area of effect depending on the ore. Ore types: **Chrysotile (white)** Releases a cloud of crystalline fibers, afflicting enemies with *nearsight* and applying a slight slow. **Cinnabar (red)** Releases a toxic cloud, dealing moderate damage over time and applying grievous wounds for 2 seconds. **Galena (black)** Debris from Galena are saturated in heavy ore. Debris from this ore deal bonus damage and stun enemies for 1 second. **Pyrite (yellow)** An explosive ore. Grants movementspeed to allies and knocks back enemies while dealing damage. * **Q: Dynamite Toss** **Passive: Blast mining ** Using dynamite toss on a *vein* destroys the gold value, but activates a secondary effect depending on the ore. **Active:** Throws a stick of dynamite a short distance. .5 seconds after landing the stick explodes, hurling 4 chunks of *debris* in an X pattern that deal 50% damage. * **W: Jackhammer** Alwyn starts his jackhammer for 4 seconds, gaining a massive attack speed boost and increasing his attack range by 100 for the duration. Using jackhammer on an ore vein hurls *debris* in a perpendicular line from the position of Alwyn. * **E: Prospector's avidity** **Passive: Haste** Alwyn's next basic attack after casting his e extends *jackhammer's* attack speed buff for another 2 seconds. **Active:** Alwyn gets a burst of vigor, giving him a shield and increasing his damage dealt for 4 seconds. * **R: Chemdrill Excavator** Alwyn unleashes his chemtech mining drill in a target direction. The drill travels in a straight line with a long range (think jhin's w length). Enemies in the path of the drill are damaged and knocked up for .75 seconds. The drill leaves behind a trail of cart tracks persisting for 3 seconds, increasing allied movement speed by 20%. The drill tears through rock easily, destroying terrain it comes in contact with for 3 seconds, allowing allies and enemies alike to pass through. Any ore veins struck by the moving drill are also activated.
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