Crazy Cat Lady Thresh

The Simpsons - The Crazy Cat Lady
Deranged woman chases Lisa
Thresh dressed up like the Crazy Cat Lady from Simpsons. Instead of his sickle rastas he has 2 cats clinging to his head and one sitting on it. That one will start cleaning itself when thresh uses a taunt. Another taunt could make the cat hissing while making the distinct arched back with fluffed up fur as a threatening gesture. On laughter the cat could make those huge eyes filled with complete disbelief. Instead of the lantern, he carries a chonky cat that noms souls. When he hurls it he makes the distinct Crazy Cat Lady sound and the cat will bite the neck and carry whoever clicks on it. Before it launches off it displays the distinct "cat ready to pounce butt shake" The QE cat in his other hand is always angrily fluffed up since he carries it by its tail. He even holds on to the tail when he throws a q in order to pull on it or pull himself to it. The E can just stay his signature "haymaker uppercut while holding a sharp object". The hit animation should be 4 black streaks that turn red with the effect and start to bleed out. THE BOX is obviously made from cardboard. Maybe have some cat eyes peer out menacingly.

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