Adrean The mist walker (champion refined idea)

**Adrean - the mist walker** _________________________ _ hello guys again so this is a kind of a re-post of the topic With more refinement & detail to it , a refined lore and describtion and adjustment to the abilities HF ! _______________ _ ##about the champ: Adrean..., an **ionian** sent on a mission to the blessed isles before it gets cursed **"blesed isles"** , carrying his two scythes he **Forged** himself by **collecting** the "source of light" -{a spiritual source of power in ionia}- from the ionian magic managed to hold it in rounded hardened glass draining the power of it to his commandment fusing it in his scythes to gain more control of it and execute some of his abilities,he is talented to do such a craft for 2 weapons that no one has ever done, he wanted to make a new and unique way to forge weapons only ionias will nail for the people learned to live with that nature spirit and adrean managed to use it to forge what protects them how adrean looks so he is not buffed but he is athlete ( Xd ) , but so old in age not in look he is still looking youth {imagine kalista} he witnessed the Curse of the shadow isles buy the ruined king and the " scythes" to imagine it , u remember death in DarkSiders 2 ? how his double scythes were small size hand held fit? that's it i cant get an example more simpler ( :D ) hope u got the image -will insert the drawing of the scythes i made but later sorry guys but they are there i 2 examples ( xd ) * **the scythes looking** : both held sphere of hardened glass in it containing the source of light but one of it broke to protect adrean body from fatal death while the other is corrupted making a permanent mist flow around adrean the abilities are after lore you can skip it if you want ___ * #**Lore**: Reaching the blessed isles, adrean and a group of his team men racing the winds for landing, upon reaching they all got amazed by it's gorgeous view and life within it going in his mission collecting goods and plants for medicines only fined in these breath taking gardens for the 2nd week very close to finish it, "i hope i can forge something from here too"said adrean to his old friend "morac" " well, i am here to pick flowers to heal the sick and you wish to make blades" said morac "but..."didn't adrean continue but he got interrupted "you know what comes after that ?, yes squashing the thing to pick the liquid , so if you like making thing make me something to do that" said morac mockingly "give me a break already ...i still can make that you know"said adrean "HAHA of corse you can, anything but what i do " suddenly clouds form in the sky quickly getting darker and darker above the isles fear touches the hearts of Adrean's crew "what is going on" said the crew falling back of completing the mission ,But Adrean didn't wayne or panic and replants courage in there hearts "STAY HOLD AS NOTHING CAN GET US TO HESITATE" shouted adrean **"THE KING, I SAW HIM AND HIS WIFE... IS ALIVE!"**, shouted one of his crew he sent to scouting the areas Adrean understood what the king wanted and he knew about his wishes to gift life again to his dead wife for any cost , and he did , Ordering his team to cancel the rest of the mission to save his crew's life taking him self in the lead to guide them to the ships "MORAC!"adrean called "TO THE NORTH , THE DARK COMES FROM THE SOUTH ,QUICKLY" hardly tried morac to guide the crew with his old friend to there Salvation ,but it was too late, a cursed mist flashes in the whole isles destructing everything in it's way in seconds ,adrean got no chance to react ,nor did anyone the mist was everywhere adrean's whole body and even the light within his scythes stunning adrean by it's destructive pulse the runs through his whole body pulse after another after another shouting in terror and pain that the light in his scythes are trying to protect the life spirit within Adrean that mist is trying to destroy , Adrean looks back to warn his crew, he doesn't care for himself the men he is responsible of are more important and far behind but that he sees them all fallen ....dead, vision on morac as the mist is taking it's way throw the isles , in mad, adrean shouts a fearsome cry reached the whole darkness around him for his team he **failed** to save or protect, trapped in his pain suddenly a break sound occures and a drop of a body, "i always got you protected."said an unknown voice quickly the light within one of the scythes got broken out surrounding the rest of his body trying to protect while the other is being corrupted by the cursed mist , but the light couldn't reach all of his body, some of mist faded leaving Adrean unconscious finally..., he gains his conscious back waking up after a very long time but his head is so itching him looking around "what happened!"he said , the blessed isles?... not anymore , the blessed trees gone dark with no life ground burned to ashes and his crew......where are they ?.....he **remembered**!.... the only one who kept his thoughts uncorrupted by the curse but for what .....shouts of his crew getting burned to death in seconds one by one he remembered ,"how am i still here ,why me?", he said with eyes filled with tears looking at the remains of his team , that horrible sight no one can take, as any other soul remained from this cursed land looks aside to find..what is this "m..MORAC!" unidentified skeleton fallen aground got a unique "marsha's fangs" neckless around the neck it was the neckless adrean gifted to his Morac after accomplishing there First mission together "y..You always did...protected"adrean said weeping **""I.....Will avenge you, I WILL"** he seeks to avenge the people he failed to protect trying to figure the cause of this curse that got everything away from him ______ * #**Passive"Spiritual Forge":** adrean can bend the feelings in the livings and cast it to a fragment he carries specially **hope and fear** ,he carries 5 hope fragments and 6 fear fragments charging wether any of them grants him buffs, damaging an enemy champion by (basic attacks,the final 2 slashes of **W**,**Q** explosion) will mark them with **"Fear"** anyways damaging a champion 10 times with abilities or AA while marked with any mark will charge a 1 piece of the feeling The normal Q rapid damage counts , the W rapid dmg counts too fragment ( champions marked **fear** lasts for **3s** THEN it transforms to **hope** for **2s** you can reset the fear mark buy the final 2 slashes of **W**,**Q** explosion, monsters always got hope fragments and they can't get marked with fear UNLESS fear is applied to them -the will be marked with fear till they die or till the mark ends- , damaging monsters will keep mark them of hope -Or fear you know when that happens now-) Charging **5** fragments of "hope" adrean gainsMovement Speed and Magic Resistance **{+130Movment speed /increase to 300 at lvl 15,+20/65 M.R}** for **2s** , Charging **6** fragments of "fear" gives adrean attack speed **{+20/35/75%}** but lowers his dmg by **7/3%** for **3.5s** <after triggering the passive the number of the collected TRIGGERED fragments resets> <Adrean can't ReMark champions for 5s of triggering it unless using **E**, will mark them> #**Q"from a far":** {skill shot)(medium cooldown) adrean throws the broken source of light scythe in a certain direction **(1250 units far)** dealing damage **"rapidly"** on it's path dealing **{20/25/34/40(+27%of his total attack damage)** dmg every 0.3s for any enemy unit touches the scythe hitbox then comes back to adrean dealing the same damage **{total travel time for the 1st scythe 2.5s}** * **Extra:** adrean can recast **Q** to throw his other scythe with the wicked source of light over the next **4s** after casting first **Q** dealing the same dmg,But it travels faster {Total travel time 1.5} <every cast will drain mana> ---If the two scythes collides an explosion occurs around the area they collided in dealing **{75/100/150/200/250dmg}**slowing enemies damaged by **35%** for **1s**, then driving back quickly to adrean's hands in a shadow mist on the ground(un blockable} **dealing no damage** but slowing any other enemies caugh in there path buy the same **35%** but for **0.5s** * Adrean can still basic attack without his weapons with the same basic attack range by he starts to pends the mist around very quickly him to slash throw enemies{wont make him gain attack speed! just animation to make it cool than PuNcHinG Xd} * Enemy champions caught in the explosion gets the marked with **"Fear"** <the mark lasts **3s** ,after that time the mark is transformed to "hope" mark for **2s** then vanishes> <damaging enemy champions marked with "Fear" by **Q** explosion,final 2 slashes of **W**,but not the**Ult** will reset the mark time><damage them with E will : 1- switch the fear to hope Or 2- extend hope mark for 3s> ____ #**W"confess":** Adrean Movement speed drops down by **70%** while casting the ability unleashsing a chain of slashes for **300units** in a cone infront on him lasting **2/2.5/2.75/3s** dealing **10/13/15/20/30(+25%total attack dmg)(5% AP)** dmg for EVERY SLASH one slash takes **0.3s rapid damge** ,*{like garen E damage but in a cone}* and at the end of the ability he does **2** final slashed that each deal **45/50/60/75/110(+65% total attack dmg)(25% AP)**dmg normal slashes that damage Enemy champions marked with **"hope"** takes extra **+ x0.2** dmg <remember the final 2 slashes will refresh OR mark the enemies with **"Fear"**> < You can recast the ability to execute the finale 2 slashes> ____ #**E" Relief":**(60/50/40s cooldown)( goes twice as fast Cooldown if there are no enemy or monster marked ) Adrean rips the feeling off an enemy or monster unit fusing it with the fragment of an enemy dealing **{40/60/80/100 (+100% ability power)}** magic damage to the enemy target Casting E on enemy champion marked with **"Fear"** grants adrean 1 fear fragment instantly transforming the mark to "hope" mark for 2s then the mark vanishes Insted of that, casting the ability on a champion marked with **"hope"** will give Adrean **hope fragment** charge giving him **+50** movement speed for 1.5s extending the duration of hope mark by **2s** * Monsters only give hope fragment ____ #**R"The lose point":** Adrean totally fuses his scythes -(in **2s** cast)- converting them into **"the wiKKed scythe"**, transforming adrean into the dark being within him dashing where he pleases a short distance instantly when he uses his **Ult** casting mist around him in a medium area once he reaches his point dealing **{300}** Magic damage **(80% of his total AD)(40% of total AP)** boosting his powers : gaines +175 attack range , his basic attacks deals +35 magic damage(+60% of his total ability power) staying in this form for **7s** then the ult buff ends * **Passive** : if Adrean's **Mist** hits an enemy champion marked with "Fear" they gets feared for **1s** , if it hits an enemy champion marked with **"hope"** there armor and magic resistance is lowered **{-10Magic resistance & -20 armor}** and slows them for **35%** for **1.5s** If enemies not marked they normally get slowed by **35%** for **0.5s** <after unloacking his ult it's passive effects enemies got hit by his **Q** mist too and guess what , when he got no scythes and starts attacking the mist will apply the passive too> if adrean **ULT** mist hits champions around him who were marked by any of both marks , adrean gains the full trigger of the mark instantly without the need to stack fragments triggering:1- the effect buffs to adrean & 2-the unique mist effect of his ult <so he can get both marks at once ,if multiple marks were triggered in only his ult form the buffs can stack up to max 2 stacks per mark> ________________ #**Special quotas:** Upon picking: Hope?, Heh, hideous Ban : it could not help Taunting kayne {{champion:141}} : a made weapon is more better than a stolen one You KNOW Taunting kayne : you stole the weapon,.... and it's stepping in to take control over you?,HaaaH sure why not Taunting enemy kayne darkin: as i thought, 1 point for me Taunting enemy kayne shadow assassin : impressive,but this still stolen Tauning enemy Irelia{{champion:39}} : Irelia! You grown quickly! ....or guess i over slept?... Taunting aatrox{{champion:266}}:now even you Fear something AND WE ALL KNOW IT DUMMY ________________________________ hope you liked it if you got any thoughts give a comment ;)

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