New Champion concept - Illuminus, the Head of Gov't

**Theme**: Government, Illuminati, Secret Agent **Looks: **Carries a handgun and a bunch of papers with signatures and terms. Wears a black suit, white business shirt and sunglasses(even at night). He has coal-black, short cut hair. Think a bit of Agent Smith - but LoL version remade and with papers. **Gameplay:** Actually it isn't easy to describe the gameplay. He could be kind of control tank, but his bases are small and ratios are high, and he has ranged abilities and auto attack. He is way too reliant on passive and abilities to be an ADC, yet his abilities are a bit too delayed and unreliable for a midlaner. No badass government agent would go into the Jungle or work for the ADC as the Support - so chances are that he goes Top(where he'd lack the tankiness needed). In general, his gameplay is weird and fuzzy. **Passive: Important Papers** - if 3 abilities were cast on the same enemy(or zone containing said enemy), Agents will appear from the jungle and shoot the enemy. **Q: Believe in the Illuminati** - Illuminus charms whoever is looking away from him(just like Trynd's W), and fears whoever is looking into him. After the CC ends, enemy will be slowed and their damage will be reduced for 1 second. **W: Start a War:** Illuminus starts a war in a specified area(slightly bigger than Redemption). Consecutive casts on the same area have effects amplified: 1. He sends a squad of soldiers that have their lifespan, durability(armor/HP/MR) and damage affected by Illuminus' AP, and fire rate is amplified by his CDR; 2. He sends Demolitioners - soldiers with bazookas to blast the enemy with Area damage(think of Jinx but without crit items) 3. He also sends 2 Tanks. Tanks are significantly more durable than foot soldiers (available with 5% CDR) 4. He sends a Fighter and 2 Bombers to carpet bomb the ground (available with 15% CDR) 5. He sends a Tactical Nuke on the ground to deal high damage in the area (25% CDR+ required) 6. He orders a satellite to fire orbital laser beam (40% CDR required) **E: Diplomatic Immunity/Imprison:** **Self cast** makes Illuminus immune to CC for 1 second and cleans any active effects **Enemy cast** imprisons enemy after 2 seconds for 2 seconds and slightly damages it over time for the duration **R: Global Action** - **First cast** for 7 seconds, Illuminus can cast his abilities anywhere on the map. While Global Action is active, he can cast for second time: **Second cast - Enemy:** Illuminus orders a black FBI car full of agents to arrive at enemy, unboard the agents who shoot marked enemy couple of times(dealing moderate ult-grade damage), and after 2 seconds the enemy is force boarded into the FBI car and brought into a random place with a condition that it must be away from allied turrets, and his previous position **Second cast - Ally** Illuminus orders an ambulance to come at injured allies, the allies are in stasis but they are healed over time. Then the truck comes to the fountain

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