The golden age Look at it. Take a good hard look at it. This is what League was all about. In particular, notice the Meditation and Perserverance masteries. You'd throw some spells, win some trades, lose some trades, then go back under the tower and be back to a healthy amount of resources. Dying was mostly your own fault, and warding actually made sense because: 1. Free gold generation over time, and you'd get experience if you missed out on minion combat while warding 2. Trinkets were more customizable, far more customizable, you could get a self-recharging sightstone function on your trinket if you invested the 250 gold. 3. Warding was not the same as facechecking. Being 550-ish range away from a bush meant that you were relatively save, and due to no damage creep, you could just blow flash and make it out okay even if a Rengar was bushcamping. There was no 200+ damage because a Renekton used his empowered Q, or Vayne got 3 autoattacks on you in a row, or Ezreal hit you with his Q 2 times. All damage came from runes. **Those** runes, that gave you plain stats. The same stats they gave you after removing them (everyone got the armor seals and AD marks equivalent) AND THEN giving you the same stats again, for the fúck of it. (now you can give your champ another 20 adaptive force and 5 armor - why??) Turtling, resource accumulation and proper teamfight engagements were what mattered the most. Thornmail used to work better the more fed an enemy is, giving you a chance to stay alive and discourage ADCs from meleeing you. I can't even list every thing that was better in that league - it would take me hours.
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