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Hi all :) So this year we are fortunate enough to witness an era of new game modes in League of Legends. With the release of Blood Moon, Dark Star and Invasion, we can see that Riot truly wants to try out new things. Now the possible opportunity. If you go to your client right now and go to the lobby of custom games, you will most definitely be seeing 2v2 matches. Now Riot. Why not add this game mode? Honestly people, including me would really love to see a competitive fast paced 2v2 game mode. There really is a demand for this. Now I dont have an solution, but I do have a concept/ idea for a map - but honestly Im not a good concept artist - the idea is basically creating a single lane with a jungle. Thus creating a meta to go 1 jungler and 1 carry or 2 lane players with either - adc/apc with tank or support with the potential to roam and invade (the choices are up to the players) So here it is basically it would be a floating rocky map with void/ space as the background. Let me know if you would like to see an 2v2 game mode with a new , simple but fun map :) MM The look and assets to be used in map: My Map layout with gray areas resembling bushes:
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