Relaunch [Champion Suggestion] De'Seis, The Void's Precursor

Hey guys and gals, this is a relaunch of my original oncept of "De'Sais, Doom's Eve", lots of lore changes have happened since then and the Void and its effects and influences have been described in more detail. So my goal with this relaunch is to actually write a lore, refine the kit and try again for your criticism. He will look very much like the demon linked in the Picture, only violet/purple to accomodate his Void nature. His blade is essential to his role. He is the precursor for the Void's invasions of Runeterra other than artifacts such as the one activated in Icathatia. It is a splinter of the materialized chaotic essence of the Void screamed into existance with the birth of the universe. There is nothing this vorpal blade cannot sever; flesh, armor, stone, magic, time and space. Kassadin himself carries a piece of the same essence which allows himself to use this power to some lesser extent as he is merely human and not voidborn as De'Seis. An invasion at a place the Void wishes to attack takes place like this: from the realm of the Void using his blade, De'Seis slashes a wound into the very fabric of reality that divides the dimensions and tears it open for the forces of the Void to pass through. These wounds, when not attended to by the Void forces, will heal and close again eventually but if not fought back, the Void army will continously use such a wound to enter Runeterra. Thus De'Sais LoL Login Screen will start with a black Screen, where suddenly a purple cut from top to bottom appears. Two clawed hands grab the edges of the cut and rip it open, showing De'Sais entering this realm head-first. Now the loop of De'Sais threatening to enter through the spacetime wound remains (similar to Ryze login-screen trying to break free from the tendrils). As a song, I imagine something heavy-mooded as this: Now to his abilities: Passive: Oblivion Blade Shatter: De'Seis deals an additional percentage of a targets current health as magic damage with his AAs, Q and W as long as the target has over 50% of its maximum health. Annihilate: De'Seis deals an additional percentage of a targets missing health as physical damage with his AAs, Q and W as long as the target has less than 50% of its maximum health. _"Entropy always prevails."_ Q: Decapitate De'Sais swing his blade in a 135° arc in front of him (Maximum range equal to Darius Q radius) dealing physical damage to all Targets. Targets that are stunned receive double (critical) damage instead. CD: 9/8/7/6/5 Mana Cost: 40/50/60/70/80 W: Devastate (AA reset) De'Sais' next Basic attack gains additional range, deals additional physical damage on the target and in a small area around the target and stuns his target for 0.525/0.65/0.775/0.9/1 seconds. CD: 9/8/7/6/5 Mana Cost: 60 E: Sigil of the Void (AoE ground-based effect, the size of a Nasus E) De'Sais places a malicious sigil directly under him (can only be placed under him like Kindred ult), instantly closing all Rifts on it and slowing, silencing and grounding enemies Standing on it. Lasts X seconds scaling with points in the ability. CD: 18 Mana Cost: 90 _"Embrace oblivion."_ R: Realm Wound De'Sais channels for 0.5 seconds, cutting a wound into the spacetime into a parallel "Realm", which he and every other unit can enter and exit freely. While in the Realm, enemy units are slowed, allied units retain their normal Movement speed and De'Sais gains considerable Movement Speed. The Realm is a world parallel to the current map. Someone in the Realm can only hurt someone in the Realm, not on the actual map. Units in the Realm can be seen from the actual map with their Silhouette but as untargetable and Void purple. Recasting Realm Wound opens another entry/exit. Realm Wounds last X seconds. Anything still in the Realm when all Realm Wounds close will transfer to the respective Position on the normal map and be stunned. Enemies take large amounts of magic damage too. Stun Duration for Allies: 1/0.75/0.5 seconds Stun Duration for enemies: 1/1.25/1.5 seconds Closing Realm Wounds deals the same damage and stun in an AoE to enemy units around them as if someone was in them. Realm Wounds are targetable and have hit points like Yorick's Dark Procession, scaling with points in the ability. Realm Wound has up to two charges. Every time De'Seis uses Realm Wound, it consumes one charge. He gains a charge of Realm Wound every X second (scaling down with points in the ability) AND every time an enemy uses a blink near De'Seis. Teleport Assault: When leaving a Realm Wound, De'Seis' next AA command grants him a similar dash effect as Rengar leaving a brush. (AAs and targeted abilities issued on a target that enters or exits a Realm Wound before being hot will still follow them and not fizzle away, aka you cannot use them to dodge them) CD: 1 second Mana Cost: 100 _"You cannot hide from the Void... you cannot hide from ME!_ Lore: "I swear, I saw it with my very own eyes!" The Demacian soldiers were growing tired. This interrogation has been going on for hours now, and instead of information about Noxian sabotage and raiding activities, all this peasant had to provide were tales and fables. They knew Noxus would not shy away from using any despicable means and magic imagineable if it served their purpose, but what this man said was unheard of. Sergeant Gaunt released a sigh. "Let's go over it again, shall we? Tell me again what you saw, what happened to your hamlet, from the very start and don't leave any detail out." "Yes, Sire, ofc, Sire. You see, it was a beautiful sunny day. I was just on the field, ploughing the earth for sowing out the next autumn harvest. The wind was flowing calmly, birds singing in the trees and it could not have been a more peaceful scene. I just said to my dear old horse, he is now 26 years old and has been with me ever since he was a young foal, so I just said to him 'My old boy, good weather casts good fortune on us and the harvest is going to be grand this year.' when suddenly, you must know I know my air, I have to because any change in weather can spell catastrophy on my crops, my animals, felt a shift in the air. It was as if the air became more dense, way heavier than even the most sudden tempest I have ever witnessed in all my years and I could almost grasp it. The landscape grew darker even though the sun was still shining uncontested with all her might, and the warmth seemed to drain out of everything around there. My horse reared and loosened itself from the plough to run off past the hamlet into the woods opposite of my field. And at the end of the field, believe it Sire, I saw something stuck out of the air itself. It was a gigantic purple blunt blade in mid-air but I could not see where it's hilt was. It was as if it was only visible from the front. I went to go closer to, but suddenly it started to move down towards the ground with a screeching so horrible and loud, my ears started to bleed. I held them, but the screeching was not in my ears but in my head. It was as if reality itself suffered. After the blade had reached the ground, and I couldn't believe my own eyes here, I thought this has to be a terrible nightmare, two enormous claws tore open the cut and what now followed was the most frightening thing I have ever seen since the days of Jarvan I. death. A horned head of a beast, followed by a body as big as Galio, came through the very wound it just hit into the very air. It was a demon, I tell you!, but a demon that did not only promise destruction, punishment and death, but something way more sinister; oblivion. It had this horrible grimace on its... face if you can call it that, a terrible smile, exposed teeth and a fiery breath. As soon as it had opened the wound more, a flood of purple nightmarish creatures came through and began to twist everything, the trees, the grass, the hamlet, even the air itself shimmered as if it was being undone. I could do nothing but stand still in awe, in fear, paralyzed, and I barely realized the hulking demon had approached me, looked down on me, his gigantic, purple glistening blade resting only a few metres next to me, sending out an excruciating pain through my head and the matter itself, and the beast started talking to me with a voice that made my heart stop: "Go. Tell them what you have witnessed here. Tell them the Void has come and oblivion awaits."
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