New Cursor?

Maybe a new cursor should be made. Not too complex. Just a little rework of the old one. Firstly its index finger (the finger that you show with, for those who didn't know) should be a little thinner. And that's for simple reasons like pointing easily when pinging our level status (for example if I want to ping to my support that I'm 90% until level6. Sometimes I can't point exactly at my level bar and in the end, I click on my profile and sometimes my teammate can take it as: "I am alive, we can go in right now".) The glove should be changed. This one is kinda rusty in my opinion. Also, it doesn't have to be a hand. It can be a triangle or something, you know, just like in WarThunder. Last things but not least, this new cursor should be only usable if you turn it on in the settings. Because many people will prefer the old cursor
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