Champ idea#4 Kunkuro - the Bursted Fists

Welcome to the Champion idea#4 ✨ **Kunkuro - the Bursted Fists** #Quick look and Idea: An ionian champion youth Monk using a martial art with no weapon only his arms believing that the true power comes from within not in any Weapons, as any monk you might think may look like , He uses **Energy** instead of mana ----------- # Abilities: ## Passive"perfected bursts": Kunkuro heals for **30%** of the true damage he deals ##Q"Overlimit": *(Range: melee 175unit)* **Hold:** kunkuro Dense his aura Gaining a *low health shield* while channeling a melee attack for **3s** holding the force for **2 more seconds** with his right arm before releasing it. 1. If kunkuro manages to hit an enemy champion within his basic attack range he heavily damages that champion applying fading burn to him/her for **2s** 2. if kunkuro didn't manage to find a target , before **level 11** the ability cancels refreshing it's **energy cost** and **50%** of it's cooldown * **At level 11:** the ability does an AOE damage to enemies behind the target in a cone shaped area that gets bigger the longer the ability is held applying fading burn for **1s** * If he didn't find a target too ,but this time if he released the force within the **2s delay** after the channeling it will create the cone AOE damage on the ground for **1s** applying the fading burning for any enemy units caught in the AOE for **2s** -->If not , he kept it even after the **2s delay** the ability cancels refreshing it's **energy cost** and **50%** of it's cooldown * Kunkuro can still basic attack while channeling dealing **50%** less damage ,but he gains **20%** movement speed towards enemy champions while channeling ##W"divine flow": *(passive)* Each **critical strike** lands got **10/20/25%** of it's damage Converted to **true damage** ##E"Divine swift": *(max range 700units)* Enters a dodging state for **3s** while he can still be able to move and attack with no reductions , any damage taken by basic attack or ability will make him ignore The damage and after **1s** delay he teleport to the attacker champion if he/she was within **700units** far from Kunkuro **or** a desired area he can choose by clicking the are desired during the **1s** delay Giving him **+10/15/20/25%** more attack speed for **2s** * "When the ability is activated kunkuro looks like a disturbed hologram" ##R"Impelled forces": **(Range 550units)** Activating The ability Gives kunkuro **+550range** Of **"awareness"** For **7s** , targeting any enemy unit for basic attacking in that range will make him dash to that target dealing a basic attack damage and **15%** of it as a **fading burn** damage The dash effect makes him execute the AOE damage behind the target at full range cone * in this state the Channeling time is lowered by **20/30/40%** * **"awareness":** Kunkuro can SENSE any enemy unit -*(champions , minions,monsters,etc...)*- by it's living aura of it , Invisible enemies who enter the awareness area will leave waves of there footsteps (like rek'sai) , enemy units behind walls or unseen beyond vision will make a fading hologram of them and footstep wave of there place when they get in the Awareness range -*( like what the radar does / to be specific when a camouflaged enemy takes hit, a hologram of them is made)*- . ------------- and that's it for this (Champ idea) :D Hope you like it Other topics from the champion idea series: ___________ #Update ! : #Other topics: ##1- Champ Idea#1 Mymorian-The unleashed impelled (9 abilities in one champion) : ##2- Champion idea#2 Miraage - The Darkin Dismay : ##3- Champ Idea#3 Dunjo'kyn & Zuri - Masters of the WolfClaws (2 controllable characters as one pick-able champion): ##4- Champ idea#4 Kunkuro - the Bursted Fists : ##Champ Idea#5 Adrean - the traverser of the dead: #Champ idea #6 Donovan-The Unleashed! : See you in the Next Champ Idea ;) if you have Any questions or suggestions feel free to ask me in a comment , i will be pleased to answer them <3 See you in the next Champ Idea ;)

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