Another epic Game Mode ( totally not Ripped Off from another Game :] )

I have another epic Game Idea ( and not ripped of by any Game called Overwatch ). Its called PoroLoader. Its on the Nexus Siege Map but instead of 3 Lanes, the attacking Team has to Protect a Poro filled with Hextech Bombs many Porosnacks and lead it to the enemy Fountain. Once he reaches it, it explodespops up into many lil Poros who destroy the Fountain/Nexus. Attacking Champions, who stand near the Poro are getting the Poro King Heal Stuff. The Poro King will have to reach Checkpoints to get a Time Bonus. Attackers can also Teleport to Checkpoints if they Respawn. Deffenders has to stop the Poro King and Attackers from reaching the Nexus. They can buy Jungle Camps to work with them and also Minions and Items from Black Market Brawlers. It could look like this [](

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