Gifting RP through HONORING?

So here's an idea on how to make honors a little more special. Everyone who really wants to reward an honorable teammate, but feels like gifting a whole skin is too much, can purchase "HONOR RP" for the same price as regular RP. If you have such HONOR RP, you can not just regularly honor someone, but "SUPER HONOR" them if you want. If you do that, you gift them a small amount of RP while giving them an honor point at the same time! (Another variant could be that you can just always SUPER HONOR someone with regular RP.) -> This motivates people even more to be honorable instead of toxic. -> More people spend money on RP. -> People who usually don't spend money on RP get a taste of how it feels like to have some. What a brilliant concept. Hire me Riot!
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