Where did all the fun go? *2*

The old meta
The old meta. 1 like. We will be playing League of Legends games they way it was played some years before. 2 top 1 mid 2 bot. Everyone can join and have fun!
Hello community of the EUNE Recently I was thinking about how the game was some years ago,when the divisions didn't matter that much and everyone was enjoying the game more than now, I remember being in teams with alistar-kennen at top,ashe at mid,master yi-pantheon bot at and no jungler. Now before reaching the end of the first paragraph and think "what a noob" think if this has anything to do with skill. I am missing these moments, people are trying too hard nowdays even at normall games,everyone is so desparate to win that if he sees that he can't achieve that in a game he becames furious and curse on his teamates.I admit it, I have done many times what was mentioned in the previous sentence though I would like to change that. So to get to the point I was wondering if there are people sympathising my opinion,if so would you like if a "group" was created where we could organise custom games without the meta "rules" and have fun? I will raise a poll and if I see interest in something like that we could do it. If there is very big interest we could also create a rank team to see if the "old way" can compete with the meta! Thank you for your time to read this I hope there will be participation Have a nice day! To new players who can't completely understand what I am talking about that's an example of how the game worked back then https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9o9gNTTa_k https://www.facebook.com/The-old-meta-1654732491460006/?skip_nax_wizard=true Here we go Like the page and add me ingame DarthCommie We will discuss further on the page or ingame for the first game There is also a public chat "The old way" Search for it ingame and join **For 4 months my burned graphics card prevented me from playing and this idea was held back so,I am reposting it so more people could see it and join and the already member get informed**
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