Anivia Support with Glacial Augment

Exotic Picks Ep.1 - Anivia Suport with Glacial Augment - Full League of Legends Gameplay
Welcome to my channel This is the first episode of my serie "Exotic Pick" where I play weird, or not common supports with original builds. Please keep in mind that these videos are just for entertainment, the quality or the efficiency of the builds/picks are not guaranteed.
Hey guys I uploaded my first video on youtube. I played Anivia support with a weird build, but I think it's really fun (Glacial Augment, GLP, Twin shadows, Shurelya) The quality of the sound/video isnt great but the gameplay is interesting to watch in my opinion. This is the first episode of a serie that is called "Exotic Picks". The purpose is to try out some weird/not common/non meta supports, obviously without trolling (actually supporting my Adc, warding, etc.) The next champions I am thinking of to do other episodes of this are : Camille, Lucian AP, Ezreal, Sejuani, Trundle, Amumu, Elise, Lee Sin, Ornn, and many others Please help me out just by watching the video, and let me know if you have some feedbacks, or advices to edit my future videos and make them better. Thank's to all people that will help {{champion:34}}
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