Champion concept: Wyrm,The Infester

the idea would be to make a unique support that would "Fuse" with his ADC and basically be permanently grouped with the ADC in game appearance would originally be a black Worm creature with a sharp exo skeleton and blood red tendrils base stats at level 1: 600 hp 0 attack speed 10 attack damage +5 AD per level move speed 100 cannot buy boots 10 armor and magic resist +5 per level Passive: joint symbiosis Wyrm permanently fuses with an ally and cannot separate from the chosen ally ( if target becomes afk wyrm can take control of the fused ally like a zombie and when his spells are on cooldown he can use the spells of his fused ally ) while fused Wyrm's auto attacks become long range mini skillshots ( 1000 range and only half the size of jhins W hit box ) can only attack once every 3 seconds and deals 50/55/60/65/70/75/80/85/90/95/100/105/110/115/120/125/130/140 true damage that can only hit champions/ baron/ herald and dragon ( deals double damage to baron/herald/dragon) the animation is Wyrm's head borrowing out of his ally's chest as a visual signal also 50% of wyrms max hp adds onto his fused ally as a shield that refreshed when out of combat for 10 seconds all of wyrms AD armor MR and move speeds adds onto his fused ally if the ally dies wyrm dies too and any kills / assist the ally does become assists for Wyrm wyrm levels at the same time his ally does however exp gain is the same as being in a duo lane also if Wyrm uses {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:7}} {{summoner:1}} {{summoner:21}} {{summoner:12}} it applies to his ally basically put if you ally %%%%s up you can flash for him etc ( no cheese with getting levels faster that enemy bot lane etc) his voice lines are shared with his ally taunts and other interactions involve wyrm's head borrowing out of his ally's back shoulder or hand to talk or wiggle for a dance Q:Virulent brethren ( 2/3/4 charges 5 second charge rate ) range 5000 1 second channel ( can only level 3 times ) ( always on cooldown if ally afkes unless double clicked to start channel) Wyrm channels for 1 second unable to auto attack or use other spells once channel is over a mini copy of himself jumps out of his fused ally to the target locations to serve as a sentinel ward ( sentinel ward has the same stats as a caster minion) any enemy champion that walks within 200 units of it get revealed Wyrm sences them and a voice line plays for the fused ally of Wyrm warning them with two of the following voice lines will be played : 1: " they want us " 2: " i sense a rat " W: Infectious Sludge 20 second cooldown aoe radius of 500 around his fused ally or fully stacked enemy can be leveled 7 times Wyrm's head borrows out of his ally's back and spews infectious slime for 10 seconds enemy champions that stay withing the radius get 1 stack of infectious sludge per second up to 10 stack each stack slows their move speed by 2/3/4/5/6/7/8% when they reach 10 stack they puke a puddle of sludge that hardens instantly and snares any enemy in the aoe radius for 1 second E: Acid bomb cooldown 10 seconds 1000 range skill shot that stops at first target hit Wyrm head borrows out of his ally's shoulder and pukes a shell filled with acid that stop at the first target hit dealing 50/70/90/100/120 magic damage +50% AP and explodes leaving a 600 aoe radius acid field which last for 4 seconds deals no damage but removes 10% move speed and 10 % of armor and Mr for enemy in the area R: Rupture cooldown 250/200/150 seconds Wyrm pukes a clone of his ally ( same stats and items but cannot use the same spells) then jumps into it and gains control over the clone which lives for 10/20/30 seconds after which it dies and leave Wyrm at the location until his original reunites with him
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