[Concept Rework] Nunu - The Yeti Rider

**Concept rework for Nunu**{{champion:20}} **Main passive: "Preserve"** > Passive: Upon dying, Willump uses his last energy to throw Nunu away from the danger. Willump will unite with Nunu at the base platform. This ability has a long cooldown. Nunu has ranged attacks and can interact with his Q-passive. **Q: "Consume"** > Passive: Nunu throws a ranged snowball at a target, dealing magic damage and slowing the target. This will have a cooldown that decreases as Willump performs his normal basic attacking. The snowball is ranged and is independant from his normal basic attacks, meaning that he can basic attack with Willump while Nunu throws his slowing snowball. > Active: Willump consumes a minion or monster, dealing true damage and healing. Eating a large monster will grant Nunu with an attack speed buff. This is pretty similar to the current Nunu Q. Attack speed buff lasts until he is out of combat with the specific camp. **W: "Winter's breath"** > Active: Willump roars in a cone infront of him, briefly slowing champs for a split second, while dealing magic damage and marking enemies with a "Target practice"-debuff Nunu (Q-passive) has increased range while aiming at debuffed champions, consuming the mark and stunning the champion instead of slowing. **E: "Cold feet"** > Active: Ice starts to appear under Willumps feet, which last behind him for a few seconds. Willump has extra movement speed when running towards enemies and gains extra attack speed. Allies touching the ice gets the same buff as Willump for a few seconds. Touching the ice again as an ally resets the buff. **R (Ultimate: "Absolute Zero"** > Active: Willump puts down Nunu before leaping to target location and starts channeling. During the channel the area of effect increases up till its maximum size as well as slowing and crippling enemies. When the channel is interrupted or completes he will deal magic damage to nearby enemies caught in the area of effect. This works as his current ultimate. Willump can still take damage (and die) and be interrupted, and will start to run back to Nunu as soon as the channel ends. Using this ability won't affect the cooldown of his main passive. **I already wrote a more detailed setup, but a problem occured and it disapeared. Therefore if there's something more you'd like to know about this concept just ask in the comment and I will update this post (though I won't name anything about numbers, just how things would work)** **Please also give feedback, if I like it I might update**

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