My own small list of skin ideas !

Boop ! Having played league for 7 years, I've had many skin ideas or concepts that I think of in my mind, kinda like a small list of skin ideas that I think are great Some of these are quite vague but most of them are just straight forward, in any way, don't forget to leave your own ideas down in the comments if you have any or let me know what you think about mine. __________ ** _The list:_** {{champion:412}} **Beekeeper Thresh** -The idea here is based around Thresh wearing a beekeeper suit, one similar to the Singed skin for example, White and yellow colors and all the sweet bee stuff, you get the idea. {{champion:58}} **Dark Star Renekton** -Renekton's aesthetic/feel fits the Dark Star thematic pretty well in my opinion. A Monster ready to let his rage consume all into oblivion, on the same theme as the current Dark Star skins in terms of VFX and SFX {{champion:103}} **Pool Party Ahri** -Something that's similar to the existing Pool Party Themes like Zoe or Miss Fortune, her Q would be her throwing a [Pool Party Ball]( instead of her normal Q for instance. {{champion:30}} **Archlight Karthus** -Now everytime you survive a teamfight with 1 HP, you'll know whenever you're in deep sh** when you see a beam of light on top of your head. {{champion:412}} **Project Thresh** (Yes, I am a Thresh main :^) -Something around the already existing project themes, though this would require a lot of creativity to make into an interesting skin. Since project green-ish colors are used on Ekko, it'd be best to use different colors on this one. That's my list for now, might update it with future ideas, let me know what you guys think !
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