Instead of suggesting nunu and malphite botlane

I believe Riot games do have the numbers that say who are the most and least played champions. Since league has over 140 champs wouldnt it be easier to just give a list of the bottom half champs every week and those that play a champ from that pool should receive a 10% increased experience gain on that one game? This way we would also see more diverse champs being while not making everybody feel forced to play certain champs since not everybody will care that much about the extra xp. I think it would be easier for riot to also find out what champs need changes since if nobody plays a champ even if you receive extra xp for playing it then that champ must have a problem. We all apreciate that riot want us to play more champs and have fun but some suggestions they made just wont work and might start giving people excuses for having 6 tears in the inventory. Ps: Maybe a bit more lp gain or less lp lose for ranked games will also help some champs see how ranked looks like.

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