Undocumented patch 10.2 Aatrox changes!

On patch 10.2, Aatrox will receive the following changes: Passive-Deathbringer Stance: NEW?: Aatrox applies once again the mutilator effect whenever he strikes an enemy champion with the bonus stab damage. Mutilator: Reduces healing and shielding on the target by 40% for 3 seconds. Mutilator cooldown: 25 seconds[it gets reduced by 2 seconds whenever Aatrox damages an enemy champion with an attack or spell or by 4 seconds whenever he hits an enemy champion with the edge of his q, the darkin blade(multi hits on enemy champions reduce the cooldown only once)] R-World Ender: NEW?Passive: Whenever Aatrox owns a takedown during the ultimate's active part, he's allowed to revive upon taking lethal damage. Revive stasis: Aatrox's Movement speed is slowed by 99%, he becomes untargetable and regenarates health rapidly up to 30% of his maximum health Revive cooldown: 180-120 seconds throught levels 6-18(Basicly reduced by 5 seconds each level after level 6 and oh this cooldown is not affected by cooldown reduction) NEW?: Aatrox receives increased healing from other sources by 40%/55%/70%, based on ultimate rank(self healing still remains though at 50%/60%/70% based on ult rank) during the active part of his ultimate. What do u think about the changes? Let me know in the comments down below.
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