Rankeds for ARAM

Hello everyone, I wanted to share with you all the idea that I have of how a ranking system should be for ARAM. In my opinion, ARAM games must have a rng factor, either normal or ranked. But as a ranked game it is it must keep that "competitive factor", so you should be able to select a pull of champs of your choise (Because you won't play Trundle [for example] if you don't like him or if you have never played him before). There are two ways to implement a this: 1. The first system, and personally my favorite would be that you could choose a selection of 10-15 champions of your choice in your profile. Whenever you enter the game you have 5 bans as regular ranked games and you could also be able to use the rerolls if you have. 2. The second option isabout picking 3-5 champs before the picks and bans, so you could show your teammates what you want to play, see what they want to play and then play one of those champs (randomly [removing those that could be banned by both teams]). I don't really like this option because in a premade of 5 this system could be exploited in different ways. In my opinion the first idea seems perfect, since you could configure it in your profile before each game or even keep that selection while you are satisfied with all the selected champions. For example, my pull of champions at this time would be: Thresh, Janna, Tahm Kench, Lulu, Soraka, Diana, Maokai, Malphite, Rumble and Taric. I don't know if Riot will have considered adding a ranking system for ARAM. From my point of view it seems quite logical, since the mode has a large player base and despite having a rng factor, it still has a skill factor (TFT, which is full rng has a ranked mode). I hope you like my idea and that you contribute ideas that you think could improve it. Thank you very much and hope Riot listens.
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