Fiddlesticks Update

Ok, so just because I had an idea in bed I'ma make a thread now, hope that's cool. I like Fiddle, he fiddles my diddle, he's a pretty fun champion with a pretty relevant kit even to this day. But I just couldn't help but feel that he feels a bit old, and definitely looks a bit old. So I'm suggesting a VGU + some ability tweaks to freshen him up a bit. P: Scarecrow After standing still for 2 seconds Fiddlesticks becomes completely still, like a scarecrow. Then, upon his first move, Fiddlesticks will gain bonus movement speed. Additionally, enemies closeby will be feared. This will last for 1 to 2 seconds, based on Fiddlestick's level. (Champions have individual cooldowns of around 8 seconds on the fear so they can't be perma feared) Q: Harvest Fiddlesticks swings his scythe in a cone in front of him, damaging and slowing enemies, and _marking them for harvest_. (Animation does not have a cast time) W: Drain Fiddlesticks begins draining an enemy's lifeforce, slowing the enemy for 20% and himself for 60%. Fiddlesticks heals from the drain. He heals more from enemies that are _marked for harvest_. If the drain completely finishes the enemy will be feared. E: Dark Wind Fiddlesticks throws out a flock of 7 crows straight forward (skillshot). This flock will fly over small minions, damaging them and extending the flight range of the flock. Upon hitting an enemy champion (or a monster) 1 crow will leave the flock to silence and damage the enemy champion (silence won't work on monsters). Then the flock will redirect themselves towards the nearest enemy (prioritizing champions). This will go on untill the flock has completely disbanded. If there's still crows left in the flock after reaching max range the leftover crows will come back to attack the last hit enemies. R: Crowstorm Fiddlesticks channels for 1.5 seconds. After the channel he'll blink towards his chosen spot. For 5 seconds crows fly wildly around him, dealing damage to enemies. If Crowstorm is cast while Scarecrow is active the channel will be only .5 seconds and enemies will be feared upon Fiddlestick's arrival. Enemies that are _marked for harvest_ will take extra damage. Just to slightly explain Dark Wind better; since it still needs to be a decent waveclear tool I thought making it damage the minion wave while passing through a good idea. The problem with this is that you'd have to choose between using it as a waveclear or using it as poke. In the old version it'd do both. So, by having the range get extended while flying over minions you could try to angle the ability over minions and have it hit an enemy champion. Then, to keep the pinball effect, the flock should shoot out towards enemy champions so it can keep pinballing between 2 people or just generally disrupt everything. However, by having it be a constant skillshot it can be broken by simply dodging instead of just needing to get away from each other. Then for the rest of the kit: Terrify was always a bit of a weird spell. It's point-click single targetted CC which just feels unfair to play against and doesn't really feel like a full ability. So, having it be a passive will still help in jungle clears or some cheeky invades. However, losing his targetted CC would gut his ganks, so that's what his Q and W help with now. His E is more of a waveclear/jungle spell, but will also be an annoying hassle during teamfights. It will also still be a great tool for supportlesticks, or when ganking bot lane or 2v2ing in the midlane with the enemy jungler. His ult is now very good for teamfights as well, especially if you can wait for Scarecrow to take effect. These are just some not really thought through ideas, but 1 thing I am sure of is that Fiddle deserves a VGU. He's pretty outdated and could be a lot cooler.
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