Some ideas (Skins and Champions)

Well i enjoy thinking about possible skins for existing Champions and sometimesi try to develop Champions on my own, and i want to post some here (and on other regions of course). I tried also to send a request for working at riot as developer, but seems i suck, anyway i'll share. i hope you'll appreciate Explorer Bardi... i tought this would fit the wandering theme well. I tought that for the passive funny idols or statues could be fun as meeps, while as chimes he can find papers with strange and old writings, maps, archaeological finds, jar... He could use a telescope, wear a bagpack , sunglasses, a light scarf, a hat like indiana jones. His passive should change colours, but funny was the realisation of W and E effects: W would be a flag with the symbol of classic bard on it, visible only when W is fully charged, while E becomes a hidden cave with grass, ivy and bats coming out and inside it you listen to drums, didgeridoos and dunnow.. monkeys screaming? His mask would have symbols similar to Maya and Aztech culture. Here some sketches. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] **Jazz Band Bard** i was listening to jazz music and it started imagining wich Champions could fit the role of musicians (not metal-rock like pentakill e.e), but something softer. 2 names came to my mind, one is Bard (wich is not my favourite champ, who is Thresh, but that i like anyway) So i imagined Bard like this well dressed sir, elegant, kind, with a frac and a Papillon, with the enormous, bright, beautiful Sax, this Golden saxophone with some liberty design and the mask of the classical Bard on it. Bard plays all the time, while racalling, while standing still, while moving normally, while joking or dancing or taunting, while staying near other Jazz band champions, always with different musical pieces, Let's see skills. Passive: chimes now are sheets, wich he collect and plays, more sheets means more complex and different pieces, so that his music develops, evolves trough the game. Meeps now are musical notes floating and emitting sounds. I'm not a music expert, but you know, the short notes with a "tail" and "flags" black, but with a White bright aura (so they are simple to distinguish if it's the case) Q is on te black and White tones W nos displays the 3 musical Keys (C F G), well now i'm not expert again, but if i'm not wrong they are caled, in Italian at least Violino, Basso, Contralto. His E now brings people to a jazz bar, with a red carpet to the entrance, and transofrms Champions into musical notes who are "played" inside a pentagram, in fact Champions inside E play a song (HAHAHAHA) Some sketches come here. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] **Jazz Band Thresh** Together with Bard i found out that Thresh can fit perfectly inside a Jazz Band. Since he uses two instrumnts (lantern and schyte) i tought that he could use two items also for music, and suddenly the idea, he could play arc instruments, at the beginning i tought about the violin, but in a Jazz band one important instrument is the Double Bass (contrabbasso in italian). It's big, it attires eyes, it's beautiful, it brights when under the lights of the stage, it can be "baroque" and decorated, it can contain souls, it can start playing alone on its own misteriously (hahahahahahaha). So well here comes the descripion. Thresh is elegant, with a red napkin, a black frac, or jacket maybe better, since Bard has the frac. Let's speak about the passive: depending on the number of souls Thresh will play a different music. In his double bass thresh will imprison the soul of enemies as.. notes, musical notes, and different kind of notes will drop from different kind of enemies (Champions, monster, epic monsters, minions...). We can say he traps the soul of the music itself hahahaha..... His W now is this double bass, that when throwed in a place will play a "pizzicato" (means that an arch instrument is played without the arch) and when thresh doesn't stand still will float at his side. Randomly if thresh stays still in a place or jokes, or dance he plays the double bass (can combo with other memebers of the jazz band). When recalling at the end of the piece he bows thanking the public. Ulti is made out of a pentagram (see images to understand better. Now sketches! (In general sorry for sketches, but i'm not so good with proportions, anatomy and so on, especially on concepts and sketches, where i prefer to give ideas instead of bringing perfect works...) [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] **Deep Sea Aurelion Sol** I tought about this skin since Aurelion sol's release and i know that ANOTHER USER already exposed his idea, but i just explored some ideas about appearence, look and skills. Also since they released Deep Sea Nami, well i think they can give a look at this now... DIrectly sketches, and remember.. White glooming light [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] **Elderwood Nocturne** Nocturne is a ghost, a spirit, and we know spirits live in the forests.... They can take the shape of old trees, a weeping willow, for example, with mushrooms growing on his body, and darke eyes that are holes in the wood. I felt a lack of effects, of spirits, of darkness... and then they appeared, they flashed, dragonflies! Dragonflies everywhere, floating around him, marking his targets, Flying in circles when he shields, Flying over the tracks of his Q, full of mushrooms, ferns and other plants.... HIs blades now remember the horns of a moose, a deer. In his Q patch plants, mushrooms grow and dragonflies fly over it. His W is covered with Leaves in wind and other dragonflies. HIs E is still the "beam", with blue, light blue, purplle colours (same colour pattern as elderwood leblanc), but with dragonflies going from the victim towards nocturne. HIs R will be the same, but marked enemies will be surrounded by dragonflies, and dragonflies will be left in the trail of Noc Here are sketches [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]
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