New Summoner Spell, involving pets...

This idea was slightly inspired by {{summoner:11}} in the way that only by choosing this summoner spell, you can get some specific items, that you otherwise can't get. This pet system works similarly. To even get a pet, players must choose the summoner spell, that summons the pet. Then a few items in the shop become purchasable. These items decides what the pets should do. Pets spawns at the fountain, like champions and follow their owners around, and they are targetable, and can die. If a pet dies, it disappear and the summoner spell goes on a 60 sec cooldown. Pets respawn automatically on the fountain, and will immediately rush towards their owner, with an increased movement speed. Pets can be commanded by using the item's active button, and pressing the summoner spell causes the pet to stop what ever it is doing, and return to its owner. The pets could anything really, but only few this at a time. There would be 3 starting pets: 1. A Support pet, that slowly heals its owner and nearby allies. 2. A Combat pet, that attacks minions, champions and towers. 3. A Watcher pet, that has increased vision and can be send out to watch in bushes. Upgrading the pet item, improves or changes the pets. The Support pet could: 1. Get a stronger heal. 2. Heal and give mana. 3. Switch behavior to boost its owner's damage. The Combat pet could: 1. Get increased damage. 2. Switch to become ranged. 3. Become tanky and get the ability to taunt minions, towers, jungle monsters and champions. The Watcher pet Could: 1. Get futher increased vision. 2. Become able to reveal camouflaged enemies and traps. 3. Switch behavior to mark different targets, that will take extra damage from the owner and give extra gold upon death. The possibilities goes on. After purchase, the pet item can be upgraded 3 times, and each upgrade gives 3 different options, that alters the pets properties. The pet items shouldn't do much for the champions, and the pets stats should mostly depend on the pet itemsm but also scale with their owners level. The pets aren't supposed to be able to carry the game, but their impact would be great enough for the players, to play the laning phase differently. This idea isn't supposed to fix anything, just changing the game.
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