Guns in Runeterra

I have to say that I really like the new LoL lore that champs have gotten (especially Zaun). But despite that I noticed something that just didn't make sense. We know that in the LoL universe guns (aka the idea of a projectile being shot at extreme speeds with the use of a propelant) exist, Gankplank has a pistol, Tristana has a cannon, Caitlyn has a rifle. Yet despite most people acknowledging their existnce Noxus and Demacia stick to using bows/crossbows and swords as their weapons. I mean has none of them understood the superiority of a gun compared to an early medieval grade weapon? I find it hard to believe that NONE of them would even at least TRY to implement it in their armies, even if it was just as a simple group of say 20 shooters. Imagine how cool it would be to have a Noxian gunner as an adc or jungler (or any other lane). I find it hard to believe that they wouldn't know how to make guns since all they have to do is buy one from Bilgewater and disassemble it to see how it works before making variants (and yes I do understand that champs like Garen in the lore would be rendered obsolete but you dont need a full-gun army just like an army corps). I don't know about you but I see with this 1) a flaw in the logic of the Lore 2) the lost potential because of their lack.
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