Champion concept: Elu, The Quake Lord

very bored so, made this quick **Passive: Fissure** * Casting spells spawns a *weakened terrain* tile within the vicinity of Elu. Elu's basic attacks can target weakened terrain, causing it to *fissure* , dealing magic damage over time and slowing enemies for 5 seconds before dissipating . **Q: Oscillating Strike** * Elu fires a burst of vibrating energy in a line, knocking aside minions and dealing damage to all enemies. **W: Ridgemaker** * Lifts up a tall mound from the earth that is impassible to enemies, but not to allies. Elu and Allies may "climb" the mound. While atop the mound, their *vision* and *attack range* is increased. **E: Seism** * Passive: Activating a *fissure* gives a short burst of movement speed to Elu. * Active: Elu sends a tremor through the ground in a fairly wide line briefly stunning enemies for 0.5 seconds, leaving a trail of *weakened earth* in its wake. Weakened earth generated by Seism deals 50% bonus damage. **R: Quaking Advance** * Elu sends forth a powerful quake in a target direction , and dashing forward with the tremor with a range of 400 units over 1.5 seconds. All enemies struck are knocked back and take magic damage, and any enemy projectiles struck by the wave are *rebounded* backwards 180 degrees and **can damage enemies** for 50% damage. Any weakened earth present in the vicinity is automatically activated into a *fissure* **base model:** some form of tribal nomadic outfit, but would ovbiously need to be a distinct silhouette, cant draw but something based on [this]( * **Short Backstory:** Elu was part of a warring tribal region in the Voodoo lands, he had natural talent in his tribes ancestral ability to generate seismic waves and eventually became a warrior to defend against hostile tribes and protect his home against foreign invaders clad in metal that would pillage the lands with superior armour and weapons. For his feats he was looked up upon by the other residents of his village after years of honing his skills in quakecalling. Amidst the carnage of a skirmish against another hostile tribe, Elu discovered a child dead among the rubble from the fight. Seeing the trauma caused by collateral damage between these warring tribes, he realized that the fighting between local tribes was terrible and ultimately meaningless. Using his reputation among his peers and fellow villagers he set about trying to broker peace among the local tribes. He set about trying to unite the local tribes of the Voodoo lands against a common threat; the unknown "Noxian" enemy. He had heard the words spoken by the metal warriors that occasionally rampaged through the lands, slaughtering or enslaving the natives.
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