Chronobreak ( Gamemode Idea )

You're in a custom map called the Piltover Plaza. The plaza changes depending on the duration of the game. The duration is up to 30 min, the map adds more walls, obstacles and AI enemies every 5 min. Basic Summary: Imagine every stat has a Rod of Ages effect. Advanced Summary: Every 5 min: HP / Mana -> +500 Movement Speed -> +100 ( +150 for Ranged ) Armor and MR -> +50 ( +10 for Ranged ) CDR -> +5% Health Regen -> +50% ( +10% for Ranged ) Summoner CDR -> +5% The map is a flat circle with nothing, which overtime becomes a huge "jungle" with walls and enemies everywhere. You'll have "Piltover-modded" summoner spells. Also you cannot buy items. {{summoner:4}} Flashback: You flash normally, but leave a copy of your character at the point. ( Think of Wukong. ) After 10 seconds, you are flashed back into that position. ( Think Ekko ult. ) {{summoner:6}} Ghost EX: You speed up, but you cannot cast abilities. Passing by someone will mark them, silencing them for 0.5 seconds. After Ghost is cleared, marked targets rewind to where they were 1 second ago. {{summoner:21}} Mirror Barrier: Barrier activates, all incoming damage is shielded and deals 50% of the damage back. If shield is broken, for 1.5 seconds all damage taken is reflected back. {{summoner:14}} Explosive Ignite: Becomes a skill-shot with a radius as big as Galio's ult. After a 5 second cast time, the circle deals 100 true damage on impact and 250 true damage over time in the middle, but 250 magic damage over time in the outer-circle. _( Yes, this is an Ignite that can stop a teamfight. A 5 sec cast is needed. ) _ EDIT: Winning conditions... Kind of like Ascension, you'll have a team score. You need 200,000,000 points to win. ( Yes... 200,000,000... ) Points given: Champion Kill: +10 points Killing someone with a bounty: +20 points Gold earned is converted into points. Killing an AI enemy unit: +10 points Assists: +10 points Double kill: +20 points Triple Kill: +30 points Quadra kill: +40 points Pentakill: +100 points Also, new spell idea. {{summoner:13}} Spell Clarity Upon use, for two seconds your abilities cooldowns are reduced by 50% but you become rooted and your abilites will not activate. After two seconds, all abilities used in the past two seconds fire off at once. _(Example: Lux roots herself in front of Vi, her casting animations go off but nothing happens. After 2 seconds, Vi is snared, blasted with Final Spark and Lux has a shield over herself.) (Another Example: Tristana roots for 2 seconds and hops in-place while doing a throwing animation. Afterwards, Vi is knocked back and has a bomb on her head as Tristana jumps to where she indicated and then again due to the cooldown reduction.) _ This is all I've planned so far. It'll be a really technical mode which I hope becomes a huge hit.
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