New item that may be added to the game

So me and my friend came up with a new item that would build out of 'Seeker's armguard'. An item that is only seen when building 'Zhonya's Hourglass' It'd be an item built out of 'Seeker's armguard, Quicksilver sash and Aegis of the Legion' The item would have the passive from the 'Aegis of the Legion' the armor and the ability power from 'Seeker's armguard', and last but not least the active from the 'Quicksilver sash' I feel like this item would be nice, since it would give more opportunities when building a 'Seeker's armguard' I just think that an item that only builds into 'Zhonya's Hourglass' is kind of boring(?) Maybe this idea sucks, but i think it'd be nice to have something like this in the game.
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