Idea to permanently improve the behaviour of people

I was reading a lot of those posts again,where people got permanently banned and I often heard people saying the same "*My teammates flame me,I get tilted and flame back.*" So I was thinking,how these persons could not be tilted anymore or not as heavy from fellow players insulting them.This is the idea I got: In the options should be a box you can tick,just like the chat filter box you can tick,that notifies you whenever someone posts insults and gives you the tip to mute them.There should also be another box you can tick,that automaticly mutes someone after they used insults for a few chat messages. Whenever someone gets punished due to their behaviour,the box that you get notified whenever a fellow player uses insults and you should mute them should be automaticly ticked. Whenever someone gets a 14 day ban due to their behaviour this box should be ticked permanently,till the person has reformed.Also the box that people that insult get instantly muted should be ticked,but not permanently. Also,I got the idea that whenever a person that received a punishment due to their behaviour lately gets notified whenever they want to post an insult(in-game,in champ select,after the match and in the client),that this will not help anyone,as a little reminder to the person.
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