Quirun - The motivational drummer. (fanmade champion)

Quirun – The motivational drummer of Demacia. Quirun is a champion that motivates his allies while making his enemies flee from battle, terrified and weakened. Quirun does not have actual autoattacks. His only way of dealing damage is by playing the drum, which he does constantly. All enemy units, monsters and champions are damaged overtime by the sound. His W (Fast Tempo) is the only skill that technically raises his attack speed. The champion itself is a support, tank that leaps into action, engaging into combat, while protecting his allies from harm. He could be played as an ad, but the skills would not do damage (as they scale from AP). Passive – Playing the drum motivates Quirun’s allies, raising their stats depending on the ability used. Secondary Passive – Quirun has a “Sound bar” that is raised overtime while he doesn’t use his skills. When the bar is full, Quirun is able to Silence the first enemy that hits him. Q – Shockwave – Quirun hits his drum creating a big shockwave that hits his closest enemies, while healing his closest allied champions and minions. W – Fast Tempo – Quirun hits his drum quickly and violently, creating a sound that damages the closest enemy champion. The sounds he emits, raise the movement speed and damage of the allied champions. E – Leap into action – Quirun leaps to a chosen direction, creating a trail behind him that raises the movement speed of allies, while knocking enemies from his path, left and right. R – Extreme motivation – Passive – If the skill is not on cooldown while Quirun dies, he hits the drum one last time, motivating his allies to reach their maximum potential, raising their resistances and damage. Active – Quirun hits his drum creating a shockwave that brings Fear into the enemies that are close to him. If his “Sound bar” is full when using the skill, then all enemies on the map are Feared, while the enemies that are dead, take more time to respawn, because they are afraid to do so. Also, if the “Sound bar” is full while Quirun uses the skill, then he does not gain the shield. Story: Quirun never liked killing. He joined the military of Demacia after the death of his brother, in order to motivate his allies by doing the only thing he knew how to do well, playing the drum. Despite all he has seen during the war, he remains positive as he sees the impact that he is making on the war. “I may have lost a lot of brothers, but all those who I managed to save, they will live to tell the story” “Let my drum echo in the hearts of the weak, filling them with power, while making our enemies struggle to breath from the fear” “If I had a nickel for every scaredy cat I made flee today… boy, oh boy, would I be rich” -------- If you liked this idea, make sure to comment beow and say what you liked most, if not, make sure to give your own ideas on how this champion could be better. Don't forget to like the post. Have fun on the Summoner's Rift.

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