[Champion Concept] Grigori, the Mad Preacher of Noxus

Role : Support (buffer, tank, somewhat healer) Appearance : Imagine an armored priest with a large unkempt beard, wielding a mace in one hand and a book in the other. That's what Grigori is like. Basically, cross a warrior priest of sigmar from Warhammer with a particularly insane monk, and you'lll get the idea. Lore : Grigori was a low ranking soldier in the Noxian army during the Ionian war. He wasn't particularly strong, nor was he a tactical genius. In fact, his commanders saw him as nothing but another pawn. But what they did note was his incredible loyalty and devotion, almost bordering on fanaticism. In fact, one of Grigori's most prized possessions was the Holy Book of Noxus, something of a manifesto that he wrote, claiming that Noxus was the greatest nation in the world and detailing, according to him, what a good Noxian should be. Then one day, during a raid on an Ionian village, Grigori and his unit was caught in an hextech explosive laden trap. Pushing his comrades out of the way, Grigori took the brunt of the explosion, just as Ionian soldiers surrounded his squad. However, to the astonishment of all those present, Grigori rose from the rubble. His bones were broken, his flesh charred, wounds bleeding profusely, and yet through sheer resolve he stood, and bellowed inspiring words that filled his unit with fervor and struck fear into the enemy. Despite being outnumbered, his unit fought off the ambushers and rejoined with the main Noxian army. Ever since that day, Grigori became even more fervent in his preachings, taking the role of something of the Army chaplain, leading soldiers into battle while spouting lines from his book, which was burned to a illegible crisp in the explosion. However, the Noxian High Command, fearing his influence and madness, tried to get rid of him after the war ended. They could not risk such an extreme individual coming into contact with the populace, and there were even disturbing signs of loyalty to him in the military. After he survived being shot, stabbed,burned and even drowned, the preacher was imprisoned instead. Years later, Swain, having discovered the whereabouts of Grigori, decided to release him. Swain saw use in the Mad Preacher as a political tool for propaganda, and was curious about the reports of the impossible feats that transpired whenever the Grigori was present, of wounds being healed and of soldiers performing extreme feats of strength. However, Grigori had no intention of serving one who betrayed the previous ruler of Noxus, and a sorcerer as well. The use of Magic and treachery is against his idea of what Noxus should be. The first chance he got he escaped and formed a cult of loyal followers, with the intent of returning Noxus to how he thinks it should be, free of sorcerers, assassins and deceivers. And after Noxus is reformed, the world will follow. _"What is Noxus? The unenlightened will say that's a mere country, but I disagree. It is an idea. An idea of strength, of man, women and children taking their own destiny into their hands, not through foul sorceries, not through deception and manipulation, but through their own resolve and the sweat upon their brows. Those incapable to do so must perish, to make way for the strong. The weak and cowardly may claim that such is barbaric, but is it not the rule of nature, that the fittest will survive? The Noxian way is merely a reflection of the natural order, and as such it is the one true, holy path in this world. _But our blessed land, and this idea that was born f_rom it, is being corrupted by blasphemers and heretics who now claim it. A coven of witches, who spread their deception through the land to further their own ends, and not that of the nation. A band of assassins, who rather than facing their enemies on the battlefield in a true test of strength, cowardly strike from the shadows. And at their head is that wretched sorcerer and his accursed bird, who acquired rule of Holy Noxus through treachery and betrayal. Such is a heresy that cannot go unpunished. We must retake our Holy Land from these heretics, and bring it back to the right path."_ - A sermon from Father Grigori Abilities : Passive : A life for War Whenever an enemy unit dies near Grigori, he gains a stack of Fervor. Fervor increases Grigori's health regeneration (scaling with level), grants nearly allies 2/4/6% life steal and spell vamp, and stack up to _3_ times. If Grigori gains a kill or an assist, then he gains movement speed and the effect is increased considerably for _2_ seconds. In addition, Grigori has no mana, but uses health to cast his abilities Q: Furious Vengeance, 20/25/30/35/40 health, 10/9/8/7/6 cooldown, melee range Passive : Grigori gains 15% increased movement speed towards any enemy champion that dealt damage to a nearby (600 units) friendly champion within the last 3 seconds, and he inflicts additional damage to them from his attacks and abilities. (15/20/25/30 + 5% of their max health, magic damage. 3 second cooldown) Active : Grigori strikes an enemy with his mace, knocking them back 300 units and dealing 50/75/100/125/150 (+5% of his max health) physical damage. _unique dialogue upon using Q's active on Garen_ - _say Demacia one more time, I dare you, I double dare you!_ W : Litany of hate, 50/55/60/65/70 health, 15/13/11/9/7 cooldown, 550 range Single Target spell. Grigori condemns a target champion, increasing damage against him by 5/7/9/11/13% for 3 seconds. If the target has less health than Grigori, they are slowed. If Grigori uses Furious Vengeance on a condemned champion, they are stunned for 1.5 seconds. E : Cursed are the Weak, 30/35/40/45/50 health, 20/18/16/14/12 cooldown Grigori starts chanting hymns from his charred book, creating a zone around him that lasts 3 seconds. Enemies within this zone are slowed by 25% if they are facing away from Grigori, and in addition all enemies are grounded as long as they remain in the zone. R : Martyr of Holy Noxus, 0 health, 90/80/70 cooldown Bellowing inspiring words atop a miniature stand that he carries around for sermons, Grigori is immobilized and creates a zone around him for 550 units that increases the attack speed (10/15/20%), cdr (25% of Grigori's CDR, may exceed the 40% cap) and damage (affects both abilities and basic attacks, 5/10/15% + 0.01 max health) of allies in it for 2/3.5/5 seconds. In addition, Grigori is marked; he receives extra damage (10/20/30%). If Grigori is slain he becomes a martyr; he remains active for 5 seconds, and during this time the zone increases in size by 150 units and the buffs will increase in effectiveness for the duration of his martyrdom. _In other words, don't focus the tank support_ Interactions Joke : "My mace cost 40, 000 gold" Taunt : **opens his book and points into it** "It says here you're a coward!" Dance : Idk, something from this I guess. [Dance?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgGzAKP_HuM) When near an enemy Ionian - "Ah an Ionian. I enjoyed my deployment there. Your country smells wonderful when its burning...like the most holiest of victories." When near an enemy Katarina - "Don't I know you? How does it feel to fail to kill a crippled old man?" When near an enemy Talon : "Oh, another blasphemer who serves that bird. Doesn't fighting like a coward shame you? My legs are nearly broken, and I still face the enemies of our Holy land." When near Sion : "It saddens me to see such an esteemed saint corrupted by such foul magic" When near Leblanc : "Ah, another one of the heretic's witches. What foul deceptions will you conjure today?" Leblanc : "Your words wouldn't be so harsh if you knew the source of your miracles" Grigori : "Lies of the Witch!" When near Riven : "Come back to the fold, child. We have need of your strength. We can reforge Noxus into how it should be. The sins of your betrayal will be forgiven if you serve our righteous cause"

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