Noxus Vs Demacia Skins ?

Hi everyone, i recently noticed an old skin of mine wich ive had totaly forgotten about ( Noxus Poppy ). So i was asking myself if there were any other Skins of this theme. Of course there wasnt. So why not ^^. I know this Skin is pretty old and it fit better to the old story arc of Poppy, in wich she was a part of the Demacian Forces if i remember correctly. And the colors of her old standard Skin matched also the colors of the Demacia theme. So i kinda liked that idea of a bad Poppy wich was on the side of the Noxians, and i think this would work for alot of champions. Not only from Demacia to Noxus, also the other way around. Like Noxian Xin Zhao or a General Swain of Demacia. Katharina Darius and Draven in the Colors of Demacia or Lux, Garen and a Noxian Galio would be pretty neat :D . I know all of these Champs already have alot of good Skins. I still kinda would enjoy this swap of sides :). Just wanted to share this thoughts :D have a nice day and gl / hf in League.
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