*NEW CHAMPION CONCEPT* Ireness, The Brewmistress

This is the 4th champion concept I have come up with. Out of all 4, this is the first support champion. Hope you enjoy! (PASSIVE) Alchemists Touch Every fifth auto-attack deals a small amount of magic damage over 2 seconds and slows the target slightly for 1 second. (Q) Instilling Brew Ireness throws her latest potion in a cone. Any enemies caught in the cone will be slowed and any ally champions will gain a small speed boost. (W) Gatherer This ability has two effects: Ireness saps health from enemy champions to make her potions. Health is converted into stacks of essence based on the targets maximum health. Upon her third cast, Ireness heals and restores some mana to a friendly champion. The health and mana restored is based on how many stacks of essence she gathered. (E) While the iron is hot Ireness throws her cauldron at a target location. The cauldron deals magic damage to any initial targets hit. The cauldron can then stay at the targeted location for up to 3 seconds and provides an area that slows enemy champions drastically. Alternatively, Ireness can run over the cauldron to pick it up and restore half of the mana she used to cast it. (R) Brew of Vitality Ireness channels her powers to formulate her most powerful potion. After channelling for 3 seconds (cannot be interrupted and renders her unable to move), she imbues her potion to all allies nearby. The potion grants allies increased health regeneration, immunity from stuns and slows (unstoppable effect) and a small movement speed buff for 3 seconds scaling with level. I feel as though this champion would not be too overpowered in a support role due to her healing having certain drawbacks and things you must do before you can heal. She also provides some utility in her slows so I think this concept turned out pretty well. But.... ....IT IS BY NO MEANS PERFECT THOUGH SO POST FEEDBACK AND I WILL BE SURE TO RESPOND!
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