PROJECT: Real life Blade

Hello community, since im very interested in crafting and creating all sort of things, i thought about building one of the PROJECT:WEAPONs made out of hightech materials (lasercut Aluminium parts, Plexiglas, maybe some LED-lights, if the electronics fit in there). Blade made out of Plexiglas: Accuracy of laser cut Aluminium (sample): Of course it should be high quality. I thought about YI's Hyperlight Blade, because it is the most "basic" one and RIOT gave us some Blueprints for it: i already started drawing some parts, needed for the Blade: Well... now the downside of this project - the production will cost several hundreds of € :( As a student (B.Sc.) i can't afford such a badass sword. BUT if there is any cosplayer, LoL enthusiast or fantasy weapon collector interested in it, i would build this thing - take some pictures of it for myself - and sell it to them ;) Another option would be kickstarting it. Thoughts? Interested? > _"I have known this blade my entire - whoa, where did that come from?"_ PROJECT:Yi Globator
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