Some ideas I wanted to share

Aye, so I have two ideas I wanted to share First one is: Being able to pick your profile picture border. There are some borders that I used to have in a determined level that I really liked and some that dislike but cannot change and got to keep it because the more i level up the more they're different :(. It would be very awesome, as levelling up would mean to unlock borders and not to have a different one every time. Second: This may be stupid, but at this point why not? When you're about to get in game and you're looking at other champ's masteries and skins, would be cool if along whatever skin the person is wearing there'd be a gem indicating if it's mystic, legendary, epic etc... To be honest I've seen so many skins that I never knew were epic or limited and it would simply be cool as a 'show off' (since we already have masteries that show off). {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
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