We need a Gentleman Support!! :D

So I had the Idea of a new Champion: A Gentleman!! :D http://www.shirtsmyway.com/articles/images/main/how-to-be-a-gentleman-rules-modern-001.jpg I think it would be awesome to have such a Champion. Here are my thoughts on how a Gentleman Champion could look like: He would be bruiserish, somewhat tanky, utility for his allies and still some damage to 1v1 squishies, simmelar to Tahm who can also 1v1 squishies. He has an AoE CC ability and a movementspeed buff to engage or disengage a teamfight. He got a shield and a buff for his ADC. He is selfless and gives all his kills to his allies, but can also 1v1. He is very immobile and no range whatsoever. He needs to get close to the enemy to deal damage or CC them. http://www.empoweringwomennow.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/man-opening-door-for-woman3.jpg **Passive:** Ladies First If you kill an enemy and an ally is nearby, you get an assist instead and the ally recieves the kill --- http://cdn.shockers.de/out/pictures//master/product/1/gentleman_gehstock-gentleman-walking_stick-8800263.jpg **Q:** Mighty Cane Deal damage and stun every enemy in a small area in front of you (simmelar to Mega Gnar W) For the animation he would swing his cane in front of him. Maybe simmelar visuals like Nasus Q or Yasuo Q. --- http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-_IbJIGMpMTw/T-nUj6XpXGI/AAAAAAAALBQ/Ehm5gPaIFUo/s1600/Boxing-Tradition-Rules-01.jpg **W:** Ready to battle Your next Basicattack or Ability deals bonus percent health damage. If you use your E instead, the Shield is increased. --- https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5437f300e4b01983f004f8c4/t/54b48a58e4b07fae95440664/1421118042187/thegoods_umbrellas_image.jpg?format=750w **E:** Umbrella for you Shield yourself. If you shield an ally instead, you get some bonus Armor and Magic Resist An umbrella would appear above the shielded champion. --- http://granitegrok.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/chivalry-CoatOverPuddleForLady.jpg **R:** The way is safe Passive: Choose a Champion. If he is near to you (like 1000 units or something), your ally gets bonus AD and Attackspeed. Active: Increase you and your teams movement speed for a short duration. (Simmelar to Sivirs Ultimate) The UI for the passive would be like Kindreds or Rengars, but he would be able to choose allied Champions. --- --- --- That's about it, my idea for a Gentleman Champion. Would something like this fit in League? I thought it would be awesome and very stylish! :D http://greatbritishmag.co.uk/uploads/chap_olympiad_london_blog_main.png
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