"It Looks Like You Own Every Possible Skin" - You Are Correct Riot; Kind of....

So as the title suggests, i am one of those who indeed owns every skin in the game and therefor have error'd the 'Your Shop' feature. But, my problem lays with the idea that i own every skin... Because i don't. I don't own the Kayles, The Pax's, The Season Gold skins (Excluding Ori) etc. I don't own those limited addition skins. I want to. I've spent what can only be estimated at over 5000 pounds on skins, maybe even a lot more than that; and i still do. I buy into Skin Shard offers to keep me up to date on re-rolls Personally i feel i (And the others with every skin) should at least be offered at a price the limited addition skins. I'm obsessed with owning them all, and i do my best to use them all as well. I'd really appreciate a nod back from riot and let me, and the other '100% collectors' finish the collection. For those that argue 'That would defeat the purpose', You go off and spend half a year of wages on a video game.
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