Why don't these obvious skins exist yet?

First off: Kayn. I don't play Kayn (yet), but I am wondering with his design and all: where is Candy Kayn??? C'mon, don't let this one slide. I understand that this next one couldn't happen unless riot somehow decided to sign an agreement with Sir Rowan Atkinson, but I'm sad there isn't an Ivern (or Annie) skin based on Mr. Bean with Teddy. Like a lifetime-award idea. Maybe I'm missjudging how influential he's been in the world, but thought I'd throw it out there since he's been that influential in my world. And besides, it's mostly silent comedy which means: no language barriers for players all over the world. I'm not an artist, but I can just see this skin so clearly. Make the animated themesong play in dance and stuff. Voice lines how his name is "Bean" and his first name is "Mister." All that amazing nostalgia. I find it sad that riot can't accept skin ideas for a variety of reasons, yet I have no idea what these reasons are. Copyright? Can somebody enlighten me?? Don't be afraid to go into detail. ;) I understand that all skins so far have been designed from scratch, which leads me to think any 'real-life' inspired skin will never happen. But we do got Cassio who's basically Medusa with an Egyptian background (but instead Shurima), so maybe there's hope. Thanks to anybody taking the time to read this. Have a great day! ;) Yours truly, NigelIon, EUW
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