Champion Concept: Troy, the Brawler

Well, here is another Champion Concept for you. Last time, some critisism was that there was no original champion is the post, because it looked like a second brand. For this one, i tried my best to make the champion as creative as possible. Also, I do not know yet where this man is a resident of, but that may come some later. For the basic information about Troy, he's a Top-Laner, that can be played either damage or tank, but most of the time only fulfills one role: building tank results in little amounts of overall damage, while building damage ( not meaning {{item:3031}} or {{item:3147}}, but items like {{item:3071}} ) gives him tiny chances of surviving if focussed. So with this beeing said, let's get into his abilities. Passive: Brawler's Spirit Troy comes with 2 passives, while only one of them is a real one and the other is just about hit resource bar. The first part of his passive grants him more % bonus based on his missing health. I was thinking giving him 1% extra damage for each 2% health he's missing, capping it on 20-35% extra damage from levels 1-18 ( so basically max damage when at 40% max HP at level 1 and 70% max HP when at level 18 ). The second part of his passive would bring a brand new resource to the game called Stamina. Here is how it works: for each second in combat with an enemy unit, some Stamina is drained from your ''Stamina-Bar''. When the amount of Stamina reaches 0, the damage dealt by the respective champion is reduced, by about 60-30% based on champion level. Stamina can be restored by 10 for each second out of combat and will fully restore instantly when entering the allied fountain. I would say that each champion would enter the game with 100 Stamina at all levels. For the reduction per second I wasn't sure if the amount would be balanced or not, but i would say 5 Stamina per second when fighting with Minions or Monsters and 10 per second when fighting Champions. To make sure this is a little balanced for Troy as well, the Stamina bar only depletes from the point Troy starts to deal damage, lasting until out of combat, rather than depleting when taking damage from enemy units. Reasons for this is that when laning against champions like {{champion:67}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:17}} etc, Troy would get poked pretty hard, meaning that his Stamina would get drained when not dealing damage himself and then your lane is just not funny anymore. So with a whole book of words about Troy's passive beeing written, let's talk about his active abilities ( finally, the community thinks ;) ) Q: Blazing Kick RANGE: 600 ( same as {{champion:1}} W, but this one is a skillshot, instead of a cone. COOLDOWN: 12/11/10/9/8 Seconds ( 6,6/6,05/5,5/4,95/4,4 with 45% CDR ) You could expect this amount of CDR when having about 2/3 Legendary Items. ACTIVE: Troy casts a strong kick for 1 second and deals 80/110/140/170/200 ( + 60% Bonus AD ) physical damage to all enemy units he hits. He also slows them by 20%, decaying over 2 seconds and reduces their armor by 10% for the same duration. Creating this ability was first of all a ''safe-farming'' skill. I was planning on making the range larger ( same range as {{champion:114}} W ), but that would be too strong, because it would be a poking ability as well if I did so. I made the AD scaling be Bonus AD, cause as i said, building tank = tank and building damage = damage. W: Headache Smash RANGE: 600 ( again same as {{champion:1}} W, but this time more like her Ult, meaning the same range and an AOE area same as Tibbers's spawn radius ). COOLDOWN: 14/13,5/13/12,5/12 ( 7,7/7,425/7,15/6,875/6,6 with 45% CDR ) Again you could expect this amount of CDR when having about 2/3 Legendary Items. ACTIVE: Troy jumps towards an AOE area and smashed where he lands upon arrival, dealing 60/100/140/180/220 ( + 60% Bonus AD ) physical damage to every enemy he hits. Enemies hit by the smash are stunned for 1,5 seconds. The flight duration would be the same as {{champion:266}} Q, making sure this ablity is still able to be dodged. Also, the cooldown with 45% CDR may sound strong towards you and it does to me as well, but this ability is meant to be weaker early-game ( compared to other early game abilities ), while having full potential in the late-game. E: Multifists COOLDOWN: 14 Seconds ( 7,7 with 45 CDR ) PASSIVE: Every 3rd basic attack, troy deals 10/15/20/25/30% bonus damage. The amount of bonus damage dealt would be a push towards building both damage and tank, since building dmg gives more burst this way and building tank gives a little bit more dps ( the dps part will be explained in the active part of the ability ). ACTIVE: Troy raises his attack speed to the maximum amount ( woks the same as {{champion:126}} cannon stance W ) for his next 5 basic attacks, but only deals ( 40% AD ) with them. With saying that the attack speed boost works the same as {{champion:126}} cannon stance W, I mean that he would get infinite attack speed when combined with Lethal Tempo. Also what i meant with ''( the dps part will be explained in the active part of the ability )'' was that if he has a {{item:3071}}, he stacks the % armor reduction on his enemies very fast. So with all his basic abilities explained, let's go towards his Ultimate.. R: Work Up COOLDOWN: 80/70/60 Seconds ( 44/38,5/33 with 45% CDR ) ACTIVE: Troy breaks free from all crowd control. For 8 seconds after this Troy recieves 20/40/60 bonus AD and stops reduction of his Stamina. Kills and Assists increase the duration by 3 seconds, but the duration can never exceed the base duration. This is the only ability of which I personally can say it is not creative, but adding more buffs to the ability would seem too OP to me. So yea, these are all of Troy's abilities. For the other things, here they are: Items: Tank {{item:3047}} or {{item:3111}} | {{item:3071}} | {{item:3742}} | {{item:3065}} | {{item:3083}} {{item:3053}} Damage {{item:3047}} or {{item:3111}} | {{item:3142}} | {{item:3147}} | {{item:3071}} | {{item:3026}} or {{item:3156}} | {{item:3036}} or {{item:3033}} Summoner Spells: {{summoner:12}} {{summoner:4}} So yeah, thank you all for reading this post and until next time!

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