Map Skins

Hey, I always prefered playing on the Old Summoner's Rift, and was enjoying it until Riot decided to change the whole thing. So I had this idea on what if Riot launches a new type of skins which is Map Skins. The idea is very simple, they'll make more map skins, which you'll need to pay for (obviously I want it for the Old SR xd ) and when you enter the game you can change the skin ( just like in the Winter or BloodMoon ones ). Just like DJ Sona, if one of your teammates has a map skin, you'll have an option to play on it too. This way Riot will have a new way to invest better, while the players who enjoyed the old SR will have it back ( i personally would pay no matter the price for the old SR ), not only that, they can have new cool map skins with different prices, and for the ones that come from time to time ( such as Winter one ) can be bought for a low price to have it permenantly. What do you think ?
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