Champion idea#2 Miraage - The Darkin Dismay

Champion idea#2✨ Miraage - the darkin dismay Off meta Players will like this :D #**Quick look:** a Female character with the Darkin tune like aatrox, rhaast and varus,The forth Darkin , a little cocky with a **whip** as her weapon, treated as a melee so she got high basic attack range. kind of like thresh ----- #**Passive:** Miraage gains **+2.5/3/5/6** health regain for **3s** after she damages an enemy champion #**Q "unpleasant delusive":** * **Tap:** Miraage **holds** her ground(can't move) punching the air in front of her creating a temporary shock wave in a narrow path but long line , if an enemy champion or monster was is in the way of it , Miraage will **create** a huge phantom fist that will grasp the champion or monster dealing *medium* damage to the target,then Miraage will throw the champion a small distance to the cursor position **dealing AOE damage to the champion upon landing** . * **hold:** hold the ability, after **1 more Second** of Grabbing will airbone the champion **dealing AOE damage to the champion upon landing**. * If miraage didn't catch any champions the hand will appear at the end and smash the ground dealing AOE damage * She can recast the ability again to slam the ground earlier #**W "sorrow":** **passively:** **30%** of Miraage **ability power** increases her *basic attack damage* as *magic damage* **only when the ability is not on cooldown!** **Active:** Miraage gains **50%** attack speed for **3.5s** #**E "sting":** Miraage swings her whip in a skill shot , the effect **vary** on how far the did the ability catch an enemy ## **Near:** Miraage deals **physical damage** to an enemy and shockwave damage to surrounding enemies very near to the target ## **Medium:** Miraage catches an enemy champion,monster Rooting him/it for **2s** dealing **magic damage** a long the duration healing herself for **30%** damage done , *""**60%** heal from monsters""* ## **Far:** if it catch an even over wall "enemy champion , epic monster , blue or red, a turret , an inhibitor , the nexus" she pulls her self towards the target quickly stunning it *(except turrets)* during the pull and dealing **physical damage** to it on contact, other wise she deals **magic damage** to all enemy units in the whip path if it didn't catch any of these previous. #**R"confluence":** Miraage unleashes her powers surrounding herself by flames for **7s**giving herself and allied champions movement speed that triggers it's effect for **6s** when it contacts an enemy champion or epic monster, it deals **magic damage** to enemies as heavy burn and heals Miraage and allies for any damage that Miraage does to enemy units The more allies in the Area Of Effect ult the more healing Miraage gives to herself and allies #**Or** #**R"deception":** Miraage channels for **2s** swinging her whip around herself so heavily and quickly spreading waves of **magic damage** a long the channel duration , then she becomes a hollow image of herself ignoring unit collision and gaining movement speed for **7s** , her **W** passive will always Work when she is in her ultimate form applying **Burn** for **1s** to any enemy unit got hit by **3** basic attacks - The idea is that she can be a strong support or with the second ultimate she can be a fighter , it would be nice to see a support type of a darkin for the immobilize abilities she got , not long CC duration yea but can create cool tricks along wombos ##**Interacts with other Darkins:** Upon encountering Aatrox : You still incomplete noble one Taunting Rhaast : i like the scythe stuff but **why Ballet with it ?!** Taunting Rhaast : for our sake rhaast quit dancing around Taunting Varus :... The.... double..A..thing varus?...Ha?... Taunting Varus : you hold two! ohuhuhu come on now One is more than enough ---- and that's it for this (Champ idea) ___________ #Update ! : #Other topics: ##1- Champ Idea#1 Mymorian-The unleashed impelled (9 abilities in one champion) : ##2- Champion idea#2 Miraage - The Darkin Dismay : ##3- Champ Idea#3 Dunjo'kyn & Zuri - Masters of the WolfClaws (2 controllable characters as one pick-able champion): ##4- Champ idea#4 Kunkuro - the Bursted Fists : ##Champ Idea#5 Adrean - the traverser of the dead: #Champ idea #6 Donovan-The Unleashed! : See you in the Next Champ Idea ;) Any questions or thoughts feel free to ask me in a comment and i will be pleased to answer them <3 See you in the next Champ Idea ;)

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