The Runes Reforged -update

Dear Riot Games and the Player Base, I have been experiencing severe negative feelings concerning the grand new Runes Reforged -update. Before I continue, I would like to apprise you that I am speaking on the behalf of the whole community. The Runes Reforged -update was a fresh new start for the whole playstyle customization system. Regardless of some small tweaks needed to be done and a tad unfair runes (which I'm sure you are looking into) , the system is a "Smash hit", quoting one quite famous youtuber. The update is awesome and innovative and the community definitely agrees with me. "So everythings well, right? What are you rambling about?" I suspect you thinking. Or maybe not. I'm not very good at mind reading. But anyways, there is an elephant in the room, idiomatically speaking. There are only two Rune Pages available to be customized. The system adds more thought on the "runes mind games" and technically should innovate players to constantly change runes to adapt to the meta game. To quote Kuronii Lumiira: "The ability to adapt to changes and a new meta is what makes a good player good. Inability or refusal to change leads to stagnation." There is a major flaw however: having only 2 runepages forces players to constantly change their runes, for most of the players have a huge roster of champions to choose from. There HAS to be some standard builds and it is super annoying to change the rune pages all the time, I cannot underline these thing sufficiently. The system itself is alright, but if you calculate all the stats from the runes, there basically has to be atleast some kind of optimized best choice. Therefore I myself do not believe that the system is innovative enough to make too big of a difference. I mean, in the end, some runes are better for late game and some are better for early game. That's basically it. Read that with a grain of salt. I know it is not that black and white And now for the grand epilogue: people are getting fed up with the two pages. I hear you saying: "But wait, you can change these cool pages all the time. Every time you change your runes there is a grand new adventure or a secret item mastery combo to be found. There..." There is no such a thing. People are sick to their stomach about, pardon my foul tongue, about this horrible bullshit restriction. We can either buy a champ that costs 6K IP ( or any other champs) or buy a page to "innovate more". That is literally, and excuse my horrible excessive language again, directly shoving shit down on the player base's throats. Ask this from any figurhead of the community (e.g. streamers, youtubers, pro players, let alone most of the "basic players"), they do want to get rid of this restriction. How about AT LEAST 1 rune page for each "role" (talking about fully customizable ofc). This is really, truly generating a lot of hate amongst the player base. I hope you understand the direness of the situtation and actually do something to this vexatious, horrible issue. Lets try and get this thing finally heard, okay? Thank you for reading and sorry if I pissed someone off with my ideology or mediocre english. Sincerely, John
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