Ravenborn Le Blanc 👍👌❤❤

To Rioters who made this awesome skin❤ This has to be prob one of the best themed skins for the right character and its also very very well done artisticly.. i mean the art of it is amazing.. Im about to buy this skin from a limited shop.. am soo happy and lcky to get it for a big discount.. tommorow am buying it. I just wanna show ❤ to team tht has been working on this skins which is my personal favourite after warring kingdoms nidalee.. but i see now tht this one is best. Ty for creating such amazing skins and champs.. pls continue to create a lotta skins like these tht has to do with dark purplish cloak assasin kind of females.. i think im gonna be maining LB bcs of this skin. Also am getting back to playing more league bcs of the skin imma get, and i havent played LoL for a VERY while now (actually 6 months) and the reason why is.. kinda became boring a little and theres not tht much to play exepct for ranked but its hard.. but now im back tnx to the limited store and ofc the skin. ❤ u Rito games! -MoNsTeRR MaNN-
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