MMR and Matchmaking

The 2019 season has started ..... and for most of us is already over. Get placed in a league after one game. Win enough to get promoted then win six on the bounce in the higher league ........ for a grand total of 36 LP. One defeat resultsi n a loss of 27 LP and two losses later you're demoted again. End of season. This of course is as a result of Riot's MMR and matchmaking system. MMR is based on percentage wins and the matchmaking system is designed to ensure that you win circa 50% of your games. So, the better you play the worse will be your team mates with the net result that your MMR can never improve significantly enough to get a fair crack at further promotion no matter how much you improve. The logic behind this nonsense is Riot's attempt to convince you to create smurf accounts to try and start again with a better MMR. New accounts is where Riot make their money and how they boost their (on the face of it, impressive) "number of users" count. On a ticket, I recently asked why the MMR and matchmaking systems work in this way, hoping to initiate an intelligent debate with the Riot decision makers. This is the answer I received "Because that's how the game is designed at its core. These matters are not up to debate and we are not here to argue. If you like the game, enjoy! If not, then thanks for being with us until now and I'm sorry that we didn't reach your expectations." So much for intelligent debate. Incredibly patronising as is so often the case on ticket responses.

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